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A New Empire

Posted on Wed Nov 24th, 2021 @ 10:53am by Admiral Vriha re'Tinatha & Commander Tamaska Holt & Lieutenant Commander Melanie D’BrooNi & Commander Merik tr'Sei & Admiral Areinnye t'Llhweiir

Mission: Episode 4 - The Fires Of Hades
Location: Oriana Omega Three - Mountain Shrine
Timeline: Mission Day 6 @ 1300 Hours


The sun was cresting the mountain range across the valley, the ocean to the left, a ruined city at the base of the mountain, and to the right a large jungle. It was beyond picturesque and she couldn't help but admire the view from the shrine carved directly out of the mountain. The room, if one could call it that, was beyond beautiful. Pillars to one side allowing one through to the terrace that again was carved directly from the copper-red stone.

This is where Vriha was now stood, casting her eye over her new domain, standing in what would become her nation's senate, the warm breeze caressing her exposed skin and making her hair move gently. Her hand went instinctively to the locket around her neck, its silver exterior decorated with emerald colors gems, contained within her memories of family and a life that was no more.

"This will do nicely... Have the creatures been subdued?"

"I have pumped them with 50 ccs of Rexhoqen. That's powerful enough to keep down even the nastiest of your Romulan giant jungle beasts," the alien was very different, unique with a feeling of old about her despite not looking it in years, and no one bar the Viceroy knew her story. However, she had a grasp on medical and science that was seemingly incredible and light-years advanced to the rest of the scientists on this vessel.

Soft footsteps could be heard as Merik casually walked up to Vriha from behind. "Jolan'tru, Preator," he said once he stood beside his leader. "This is quite a sight to behold."

"It is!" and she had to agree with that. This planet was truly the Garden that Romulus should have been. "How goes the exploration of the coastal facility... have you found the cryogenic chambers with the other creatures?"

The question was directed at any standing nearby but she had the sense to know that her Techne Relic would be the one to answer as she was the only one with knowledge and understanding of them.

"Yes. They are exactly where my people left them," she smiled. She of course kept shumm about the other things that were still here they had left. Hidden from their primitive technology. However she would get to them soon.

"Good!" The Praetor had moved back into the cavernous chamber, already planning for this to be her throne room surrounded by the token senators she planned to install to give the illusion of democracy.

"Commander, have your ships start their descent. We need to begin establishing a domestic foothold here!"

Merik nodded. "It is already underway, Praetor. Our defensive perimeter has been completed, in space as well as on the ground."

At that moment, a tall woman with long, sleek dark brown hair that ran down to her waist walked into the room. Part of her long hair was done up in an intricate pattern of braids. Her ears were elegantly pointed and her brows thinly trimmed but just as regally upswept as any other Rihannsu's.

"Praetor," she greeted with a formal bow while smoothing the fabric of her snugly fitting skirt in the same motion. "Commander," she added in acknowledgment. "Apologies for being late, what did I miss?"

Vriha circled slowly, almost playfully around the room already imagining holding senate, the sun streaming in through the archways to the terrace, the great bird emblem soaring above her only this time the bird would not be holding the worlds Romulus and Remus, instead it would be clutching the people, her people in one claw and in the other her fleet.

"You know what happens to those that fail to be punctual Viceroy... It will not happen again!" the latter being a statement rather than a suggestion. Slowly she drew her dagger that she kept in its ceremonial scabbard on her hip at all times. She pointed the tip at her Viceroy as she approached, her voice taking an almost musical quality. "You know I don't like tardiness!"

The viceroy stood still, her steely gaze unflinching. "I was held up along the way," she said simply, "the distraction has of course been disposed of."

"Not one of our own I hope... Our numbers are too few as it is!"

Vriha said, the threat evaporating from her tone as she lazily placed the dagger back in its sheath but no sooner had she asked than her mind had lost interest and moved on to the next task.

"Once the fleet is down deploy the creatures... Have them work alongside our people in restoring the city below... Oh, and Admiral, I want you and the Commander here to take a trip to Ba'ku... Discretion is the greater form of valor mind you. I want to know what Starfleet is doing in the Briar Patch... See if you can find out!"

Admiral Nurribe Senclar watched with some idle interest at the exchange between the others, he allowed himself a slightly sardonic smile then let it fade away. "Yes Praetor, it will be done." giving her a direct look. "I've been very interested in what is happening there as well."

"You have your orders..." she paused before giving the customary Romulan Salute. "For the Empire!"

"For the Empire!" returning the customary salute. Admiral Senclar gave a nod as well and turned to leave the chamber.

Isqua smiled briefly. Watching them it was reminiscent of other parties in the old days. With all the pomp and salutes. Nothing changed too much it seemed.

Areinnye simply inclined her head, though she wondered if she'd been dismissed as well. She was, after all the Praetor's viceroy.

"You stay!" Vriha stopped her Techne ally from leaving the chamber. She had found this woman lost and wandering yet capable of almost magical acts because of the technology at her fingertips. She also knew so little about her. "How were you able to bend those creatures to our will so easily?"

"Now if I was to divulge that I might not be useful anymore," she smiled. "Well actually no. You need me alive if you want to keep using them. Keep control of them even.

They are part of my people's DNA. We created them. Thousands of years ago. They recognize me as a creator. They won't harm me and will take orders off me. However, I will refrain from telling you how to order them. I'm not stupid. I have only known you a short time to trust handing that information over."

"One thing I do not understand!" Vriha once again moved out onto the terrace, intending on questioning this ally but also to catch the last few rays of the equatorial sun as it slipped down beyond the horizon. Already a glorious symphony of pale pinks, reds, and golden colors decorated the sunset.

"Why did the T'Kon have them in storage... Why not your own people and why have we found so little of this supposed empire your species once had?"

Her tone was gentle and sweet but hidden in its depths was a tone of danger, of threat. She needed something or she may just find she no longer found this relic amusing.

"I would like to know that myself," Isqua said. "Storage was not the plan when we created them and as for my Empire. It seems a lot can happen in thousands of years. I intend to unravel that mystery myself. Perhaps there are still pockets of us somewhere. Perhaps I am the last of our people."



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