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Once More Unto The Breach... For Science - Part 1

Posted on Wed Nov 24th, 2021 @ 10:08am by Lieutenant Iy'dan Brell & Lieutenant Junjie Han & Ensign Adrian Sage & Lieutenant JG Melinda Sommers & Petty Officer 1st Class Anja Agapov

Mission: Episode 4 - The Fires Of Hades
Location: Science Lab - Central Core
Timeline: Mission Day 3 @ 1100 Hours

Junjie looked around the science lab, It was in a pitiful state, they had done a preliminary check of the lab and had found some notes on a hidden vault. Not much real work had gotten done but that was about to change. He tapped his combadge.

" I need the following science personnel to report to the science lab as soon as possible. Lieutenant Iy'dan Brell, Lieutenant JG Melinda Sommers, Ensign Adrian Sage, and Petty Officer 1st Anja Agapov. We've got work to do folks. "

Agapov arrived, rubbing the back of her neck, she had slept wrong during the night.

"Morning, it's another day," she commented, mustering up a smile. "Got to keep on moving right? And still so much to do on the station."

Iy'dan entered next walking with Melinda, the two caught up in a conversation about the architecture of the old Cardassian space station, nothing of note.
"Lieutenant Han?" The Trill asked. "Lieutenant Iy'dan Brell. Nice to meet you finally!"

"I recognize you from your file picture Lieutenant Brell, I agree it is a pleasure to meet you in person. "Junjie extended his hand to Brell in greeting. "And you're Lieutenant Sommers. Yes, I saw your file picture as well. " He said with a grin and turned to shake her hand as well, "I'm not too surprised that our meeting has been delayed. With everything that has happened to us on the Copernicus, It's amazing that we survived to meet at all."

Junjie Continued. "With the investigation of the T'kon outpost, The ship being shot out from underneath us twice and now with just getting onto this station and dealing with a psycho freak show program that was trying to kill us when we arrived here." He paused briefly. "It's understandable that introductions have been delayed. "

"Ok, a little about me." Stated Junjie. "When we're dealing with other departments or in mission briefings we refer to each other by rank and last name. When we're in private or working in the lab together, First names only, that way it's a comfortable working environment. I like input from all team members. Everyone's ideas, thoughts, and theories have value, and once we decide on a course of action, we do it." He stated in a natural unassuming tone. "So tell me a bit about yourselves, It's always good to know the people you're going to be working with."

"Not much to tell... on the surface anyway!" Iy'dan said as he patted his stomach. "Joined Trill, five other lifetimes under my belt so I have quite a few stories. Recently got married to my now husband and the Captain has asked me to stay on to act as your second and the duty science officer on the Copernicus when she is back up and running!"

Amja spoke up, "For those who haven't met me as of yet. I'm PO1st Class Anja Agapov. I've got my two siblings age 14 here with me. We're all the family we have. I'm looking forward to hearing your stories." looking at Brell. "Plus am quite happy being able to help get this station and science up and running. And looking forward to looking at the planet below when we're done here." giving a bit of a smile.

A young woman with a flushed face came running into the room, hastily tying her hair up into a messy bun. "I'm so sorry I'm late!" she called out, "the children wouldn't go down for their nap and their daddy is busy getting the station working properly." She gave a haphazard wave. "Hi, I'm Melinda."

Junjie chuckled lightly. "At ease Melinda, your here. The replicator is in the back, get yourself a beverage, and find a seat. I can understand a woman being a mother and a scientist, and sometimes those worlds spill over into each other. Can't be helped at times." He shrugged. He waited until Melinda sat down.

Junjie continued. "Alright, there are three items we will be working on. First, get this place cleaned up and see what can be salvaged and what needs to be replaced to get this lab up and running. Second, to comb through the data and see what the Cardassians were up to out here. We might not find anything out of the ordinary, Or we might be turning over items to command and intelligence to determine the next step. Third. In the station's plans, there is a mention of a vault here in this lab. We have a good idea where the entrance is, We'll get inside and see if there is anything there. We might have to get creative to get inside, but with a group this talented I don't think that will be much of a problem. Any questions?"

Agapov shook her head, "Well nothing of importance except for, shall we get started?" she was eager to get this place cleaned up and find that secret vault that was supposedly hidden somewhere, maybe even in this very room. "The sooner we get this cleaned up the sooner we can get to the other discoveries." Agapov, ready to stand up and get the clean-up done first. "If you don't mind, I'm going to go start that now." rising up from the chair, after getting what she thought was a nod from Junjie.

Melinda shook her head, though she wondered how a botanist was of help getting into a vault.

Iy'dan smiled and patted Melinda on the shoulder knowing exactly what she was thinking, having been her direct line officer on Starbase Fifty. "You know you are more skilled and versatile than you think you are, and who knows, this vault may have botanical specimens in there!"

[Sometime Later]

Anja looked around at what the Science Lab area now looked like, mopping her brow with a kerchief. She looked at Junjie, Melinda, and Iy'dan, smiling. The area looked great!

"Okay, what's next?"

"Explore?" the Betazoid woman suggested as she glanced around, "is there any chance of setting up some gardens? Anywhere to grow herbs and see about creating plant life to sustain this station and tailor them to specific station conditions?"

Junjie picked up his PADD and added notes. "Let's see. Gardens, herbs and produce. I think the Captain will go for that, and I will personally bring it to his attention. He looked at Melinda and smiled. "And since I love cooking, Herbs are always a welcome addition. "His gaze went towards the back wall." Since we're all here, shall we see if we can crack that vault and see if there is anything in there? Well, you know what they say about curiosity and the Caitian scientist. Shall we?"

"Actually, I was doing some poking about in the old Cardassian database... I may have found an entrance. Docking ring, section seventy-three on deck nine. I have as much data as I can find about it loaded into this tricorder!"

The Trill said as he stood and started to move with the group towards the door.

Junjie laughed. "I knew there was a reason that I made you the assistant chief science officer, I just haven't had the chance to talk to you about it yet. Congrats Iy'dan!! You've got the map, so lead on."

A Short Time Later

"This should be the spot sir!"
Iy'dan had stopped before a large set of pressure doors in what looked to be nothing more than a cargo holding area for traders... but then again would a hidden Cardassian Station of had many traders given the apparent secretive nature of the place.

The Trill manipulated the tricorder sending what he hoped would be the release code for the vault beyond and sure enough, the pressure door creaked into life and lifted allowing the small group into the vault itself.
"There we go!"

"And here I was going to suggest mixing a few chemicals to make up a nice explosive," Adrian muttered, mock-unhappily as he followed the group in.

What they found in the vault was both underwhelming and overwhelming at the same time, it all depended on your field of study. For Iy'dan is was simply a treasure trove. The cavernous vault seemed to stretch past the field of vision, it was even curved with the station's design which you would not normally see in the standard cargo bays, quarters, and other rooms with the exception of the promenade. Workstations mingled in between podiums or fenced areas and on or in these sections were marvels. Some archeological in nature many others technological and even a few botanical specimens, which he knew would make Melinda happy.
"Well", Iy'dan whistled in amazement. "Looks like we may have our work cut out for us!"

Melinda just stared at the vast array of specimens, her hand covering her mouth to hide her amazement. "Oh this is great!" she cheered, wrapping her arms around the Trill's cheek in a moment of spontaneous excitement. She kissed his cheek before letting him go and taking a quick step away.

Adrian looked around but found little of interest here. At least, nothing that held his attention for long enough at first glance.

Junjie looked about and watched the others and laughed, and it felt good to do that. " I think our botanist might be somewhat happy at the moment, of course, we might need restraining devices to get her out of here when we're done. " He joked. Junjie began walking about and scanning and recording the devices to show the Captain the amount of work they were going to be mucking through. He began poking and prodding some of the devices and trying to figure out what they were designed for.

One machine he tapped lightly with the side of his fist, and a light flashed very briefly and then faded quickly. Hmm. there must have been a micro charge left in the capacitor. he thought to himself. His attention was soon caught by a book on top of the machine and thumbed through it and then held it up. " Hey Melinda, I found a book on Cardassian flora and fauna, Would you like it? "

The Betazoid woman squealed in delight, all but snatching the item from her boss's hand. "Yes!" She hugged it to her chest then moved off a little and started to page through it, her expression one of a child that gets to visit the candy store.

Agapov took in the veritable treasure trove of things to look at, she smiled at the glee that Melinda expressed in the book that was found. She herself started cataloging what she could find, running her own scans. And looking closely at some of the objects.

Iy'dan had moved away from the main group, having found some ancient technology... T'Kon possibly, maybe Iconian or even from the Techne Empire which would predate the T'Kon by millennia. It was a simple pyramid shape. Black as obsidian so much so your eyes almost slipped from it but with a gentle green radiance.

His tricorder was aimed at it, trying to get a read of what was inside but it seemed to be shielded, some form of dampening field that looked at have a slight temporal signature to it.
"Lieutenant Han... Take a look at this?"

Iy'dan nodded in the direction of the pyramid that was half the size of him and about a meter square at its base. "What do you make of it?"

Junjie came over and began scanning it with his own tricorder and was reading the same results as Iy'dan had. As the two tricorders scanned the object there was a bright flash of light that left spots in front of their eyes for a minute. Junjie called out, "Is everyone alright?"

"I'm fine sir... Just a little dazzled" Iy'dan said but his attention was already back on his tricorder readout. "Whatever that was it didn't register on the tricorders!"

"What was that?" Melinda asked, hurrying over as she saw the flash from the corner of her eyes. Unlike the two men, she'd fortunately been turned away from it and hadn't looked directly into it. "Are you two alright?"

Anja had been digging into things on a lower shelf and barely noticed the flash of light, she banged her head on the shelf and then turned to rub the top of her head. "What was that?" going over to where Junjie and Brell were at.

Junjie shook his head and gently rubbed his eyes. "I've got some spots dancing in front of my eyes and I feel a little lightheaded." He leaned against a crate to steady himself. "Yet I have this strange sensation that I've seen this before, almost like a Deja Vue type feeling." He paused and glanced towards Anja and Melinda. "As for what happened, we were scanning this device to figure out what it is and..." He looked at Iy'dan with some confusion. "Did you say the tricorder didn't register it?" He looked at the readout on his own tricorder and replayed part of it. "Your right! there is no indication of any type of changes in any of the registered spectrums, but the flash shows up on the visual log. How is that possible?"

"Perhaps we can download the readings into the database and have the science computers on Copernicus interface to try and give us a clearer understanding?" Iy'dan offered, feeling a little off-balance himself.

"Perhaps it is of a substance unknown to the tricorder," Adrian suggested as he approached. "A chemical reaction of some kind maybe?"

"Both suggestions are good and we'll download all the data into the ship's computer and see if we can get some idea of what's going on", Junjie thought for several moments. "One thing has occurred to me, The pyramid device was normal while you were scanning it Iy'dan. The flash occurred after I took a confirmation reading with my tricorder, perhaps there was enough energy output from the two tricorders to cause the effect."

"Well, I am excited to see what sort of data that we can take a good look at." the Russian scientist rather intrigued. "I for one haven't heard of tricorders doing a cross-stream in truth."



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