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Join me for lunch?

Posted on Sat Nov 13th, 2021 @ 9:48pm by Ensign Robert "Bobby" Matthews & Lieutenant Commander Lillian Carter

Mission: Episode 4 - The Fires Of Hades
Location: Replamatm The promanade DS21
Timeline: MD 5 1230


Lillian had been wondering how Bobby would react to the 'new her' so she finally plucked up the courage to find out.

"Carter to Matthews, would you like to join me at the Replamat for some lunch?"

"That sounds brilliant," came the reply. "When?"

"I'll meet you there in 10 minutes and I'll put a pink flower in my hair so you can... Spot me in the crowd."

Bobby found the replamat and was walking around trying to spot Lillian. But the only person he found with a flower in their hair was not Lillian.

10 minutes later, Lillian sat at a table, waiting. A delicate pink flower in her hair, like she had said.

Finally, after several minutes he approached the other woman cautiously.

Lillian looked up and smiled "Hey Bobby."

His face looked confused. "Is this a joke? I mean you look a .... tiny bit similar..... but your not .... the same."

"You noticed." She took a big breath. "This came as a big a shock to me I can tell you, but I'm still Lillian Carter. Won't you join me? Please?" she asked hopefully, indicating the chair opposite.

He took the chair tentatively.

"As I told the Doc earlier, I have no idea how this happened. I went to bed last night and I woke up like this. I did feel a bit funny the night before." she sighed. "I'm still me. I remember the first time you and I went on a mission together in the Waverider shuttle. it crashed and you rather heroically threw yourself over me to protect me. Then, you threw me over your shoulder and carried me to safety before the Waverider exploded as I had a broken leg."

"That's very true," he nodded. "Well I mean ... I'm not tooting my own horn saying I was heroic ... just that I didn't want you to be .... yeah ...." he looked her up and down. It was odd. Something deep in the eyes was Lillian. But her outside was different. Not bad different. Boy, he liked this version of Lillian too.

"I guess ehh an answer will present itself when its meant to. In the meantime what are you supposed to do? I mean you have to carry on living your life right? And if the brass doesn't consider this a ... risk? I'm sorry I don't know the right term that management might view the situation ...." Bobby said uncomfortably for a moment. He was probably just pissing her off.

She frowned "The Captain doesn't seem to have noticed and the XO seems ok with me so" she added with a shrug and attempted smile "I guess it's business as usual." She reached out to touch his hand, hoping he wouldn't flinch or pull away. "Are... Are you ok with this? With me?"

"Well, your not hideous," Bobby grinned. "Far from it. Not that ..." he cleared his throat ... "That matters. I mean yeah okay I'm a guy ... but it's you ...that's what's important. Oh, I'm digging myself in here aren't I?"

Lillian looked at him with affection, a funny little smile on her lips. She squeezed his hand. "You know you're cute when you're flustered." She said, happy that he was still here. She then blushed as she looked at him, realising he had not moved his hand.

"So... What happens now?"

"Well," Bobby said feeling more confident here. "I was hoping to ask you out on a date. I know there's not as much where we have ended up to the ship but I'm sure we could get into some mischief. If you're up for that? Dinner? it could be anything from well here and exploring? Where we can get away with it perhaps? This one doesn't count. I mean I want to see you out of uniform ..." he flushed again. "I mean in clothes just not ..." he tugged at his collar.

"I'd love to. Dinner sounds.... it sounds lovely" she replied, ignoring the young man's double entendre and covering for his embarrassment. Deep down, she was thrilled that he had asked her and the smile on her face broadcast that loud and clear. Finally, she thought to herself. A date! "When will you pick me up?" she asked coyly.

"I think at the moment the bigger worry is where do I pick you up? Have you managed to be assigned quarters yet? I'm still waiting. A few of us slept on the promenade last night in regulation sleeping bags. Tonight?" he asked. "I can happily report we have had access to washing facilities."

"Tonight sounds wonderful, say 2000?" "Yes, I've been assigned temporary quarters, level 7 of the habitat ring, Room 786. You... You could always crash on my sofa if you like? Until you get your own quarters." She offered, then turned red, fearing she was being too forward.

Oliver looked both shocked and delighted at once. He also flushed red. "Lillian I won't lie. That would be an amazing offer. I might have to take you up on that. It's cold on the Promenade. And spooky in the dark."

"I bet it is." Lillian replied. "Why don't you bring your things round when you get off shift and you can have a shower and get changed."

"Oh, that sounds even better. Thank you. So what do you think of our new home then Lillian?" he asked her.

Lillian looked around where they were. "I was never a great fan of Cardassian architecture but it will do, what with this being our new home and all. I've been managing to sleep ok but all things considered, I'd rather be on a ship than a station. The Captain gave me Command of the Cerberus."

"Wow congratulations. How do you feel?" Bobby asked.

Lillian’s smile widened. “It feels good. I always said I wanted a command and now….” She took a deep breath “I’ve been handed a brand new Prometheus class starship. And I’ve got a date tonight….” She added with a sly glance his way.

"Good luck comes in threes you know," Bobby grinned. He finished his drink. "So there is something else waiting for you. Okay, I better get back to work." He smiled warmly. "I will see you later. Have a good rest of the day."

Lillian smiled "You, too." Her mind already thinking of her upcoming date.


Lieutenant Commander Lillian Carter
Intelligence Officer Deep Space 21/CO USS Cerberus

Ensign Bobby Mathews
Security, Deep Space 21


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