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The Other Newly Weds

Posted on Sun Nov 14th, 2021 @ 9:58pm by Vincent Sinclair & Lieutenant Iy'dan Brell

Mission: Episode 4 - The Fires Of Hades
Location: Habitat Ring - Deck 12 Section 7
Timeline: Mission Day 15 @ 0700 Hours


Iy'dan rolled over in the bed finally starting to find the Cardassian bed up to the task of letting him sleep even if the first week had been a challenge. He still planned to replace it with one hr was comfortable in but for now, it would do. His arm asked out across the bed to find Vincent but he found the other side of the bed was empty, the sheets still warm from his body heat so he had only vacated moments ago.

Groggily he sat up to survey the room but he was not in sight.

"Come back to bed... This is my first day off since we arrived here!"

Vincent, hearing Iy'dan call, stepped into the doorway, clad in dark green silk pajama bottoms and an apron which said, 'Kiss the Chef.' He had no shirt beneath the apron, his muscular-toned arms showing.

"I promise I will be in there in a few minutes." Vince gave a secretive smile, towards his husband. "keep the bed warm for me." giving a wink then disappeared from view.

15 minutes passed by then Vincent returned, carrying a tray with two covered plates. and some glasses. These he set down on a nearby table, then swiftly left to bring in a pitcher of lemon water and also a pitcher of mixed berry smoothie. Along with the two medium-sized pitchers, which he held in one hand by their handles, he had in a crystal vase a single gladiola stem in full bloom. This he set down upon the table, and said, "Two more items." he left then returned with two trays with legs, made for eating in bed.

One of them Vince set up for Iy'dan, bringing it over to him with the cover still over the plate. Beneath the cover would be Iy'dan's favorite breakfast, he leaned in to place a loving kiss upon Iy's lips, running his hand along his husband's cheek.

"Morning my love." a twinkle in his eyes. "I hope you don't mind a relaxing morning in bed with breakfast and yours truly. Would you like me to pour you a glass of smoothie or lemon water before I get back into bed?"

"Why would I mind and you didn't need to go to all the trouble for me!" the Trill said, pulling Vince back for a more intimate kiss than the one he had offered. This would be the first day the pair would be able to spend any time together since they had gotten married, even if some of it would be consumed with helping Vince finish his business on the promenade.

"There", he said letting his husband go and tasting his own lips before finishing his train of thought. "...that's better!"

Vincent smiled after that exquisite kiss from Iy'dan. "Mmmm I definitely would like more of that," he said nibbling along his husband's jawline, then had to pause as his elbow briefly touched the tray that held the breakfast. "After breakfast, we'll enjoy our morning even further." Leaning in for another passionate kiss. "Besides, I wanted to serve you breakfast in bed as you are worth it, my love." one more lingering kiss then he pulled away. "If we are not careful we may end up wearing our breakfast." giving Iy a look filled with desire.

Vince took off his apron and retrieved some water and smoothie for both he and his husband and brought over his own tray to eat his own breakfast. Slipping back into bed and settling down the tray. "Dig in and then..." he leaned in to kiss Iy's shoulder, all the way up to his ear. "Some morning delight." Vince placed a playful kiss on his husband's ear then pulled back to eat his own breakfast.

A couple of bites of his omelet which had spinach and some ham in it, Vince said to Iy, "Today is our day to take a break from working on my business. We've been working really hard, and well... We've not had much time for just us." reaching out and running his hand along Iy's arm. "I have been wanting to explore this station a bit more, find a place where music can be played. However, it's our day and I am yours with no interruptions, whichever you want."

"It'll be nice to explore this place rather than working on it... You should have seen the vault the science team found", Iy said, his excitement over it plain. "We have decades of work ahead just cataloging what we found!"

Iy sat up further in bed, no longer worried about hiding his body. He had never been large but he was certainly comfortable around his stomach when he had met Vince on Starbase fifty. A few months on and with some encouragement from Vince Iy had started to make progress and was certainly more muscular and lean than he had been.

Seeing the excitement displayed by Iy, Vincent smiled, "You will have to tell me about what you've found there, as I am interested in your discoveries. And definitely let me know if there is some history of what you find there if there are any written in reports." a fond look in his eyes. "I remember some of the digs mom and dad would take us on and the excitement they both had in their discoveries."

Vincent ran his eyes over his husband's body, then up to his love's eyes. "Discovery of our own on this station and maybe finding more history as well?" he smiled to Iy'dan. "How does that sound to you?" he did want to do a bit of exploration right after breakfast. As in his husband's lips and the contours of Iy's more defined body. Then later on the exploration of more of the station.

When their meal was done, and the dishes put away, Vincent climbed back into bed, to run his fingers along the contours of Iy's stomach. "I am still marveling at being here with you, Iy." he murmured softly. "I feel so lucky being with you here."

"I'm just glad we bumped into each other on Starbase Fifty!"
Iy'dan leaned in to kiss his husband once more, pulling him down to the bed allowing themselves a moment of intimacy, something in short supply at the moment.

"As am I." Vincent replied, returning the kiss. This was already proving to be a great day!



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