A private visit

Posted on Mon Sep 5th, 2022 @ 5:53pm by Jaas'rah & Lieutenant JG Sher'ra Verona

Mission: Episode 5 - Objects In Motion
Location: Jaas’rah’s quarters


Making her way along one of the habitat decks, Sher’ra was looking for Jaas’rah’s quarters so she could speak with him. To be fair she’d been a little distant lately with all of her work and now with her move to the position of security and tactical chief on the USS Cerberus, but she’d managed to clear an entire day so she could straighten things out with him.

Finally arriving at the door she was looking for, Sher’ra took a deep breath before tapping the door chime.

The mechanical hiss of the Cardassian doors parting gave her an almost immediate welcome to Jaas'rah's quarters, it was highly Orion in design with colours fabrics, no real sofa but an opulently comfortable looking section o the room with throw's, cushions and rugs. A Human would have said it was almost Southern Asian in colour and the like.

Jaas'rah himself was just emerging from the side room, adorned in his usual, and mostly revealing, loose fitting animal hide shirt and tight fitting leather pants and boots.
"Sher'ra" his tone cool and his posture a little standoff-ish as he realised who had entered his quarters. "Can I help you with something?"

“How about a hug? Can we at least start there?” Sher’ra asked, putting her hands on her hips, “I know I’ve been distant, but can we talk?”

"We can talk!" he said, somewhat non committal manner, disregarding her question about the hug. He had to admit that he wasn't one for open displays of affection but something about Sher'ra had changed that in him and he saw it as a positive change. That being said, she had been more than distant in the last several weeks, not connecting at all which he found upsetting, distressing and he had even found himself considering if she was seeing someone else.

Despite his mix of emotions he controlled his response, measured tone, only the briefest of moments of eye contact, until she could explain herself he had no intention of altering that approach.

“I’m sorry, with all that’s been going on my time hasn’t exactly been my own lately, but now that I’m being assigned to the USS Cerberus, I should have a lot more time for us” Sher’ra explained, hoping he could understand her position. While it was true part of the reason she’d been avoiding him lately was to give herself time to think things through about the two of them and what future they might end up with, she’d eventually decided to simply let things happen as they will, “so I’m here, now, and all I’m asking is for another chance”.

"Another chance?" Jaas'rah asked, looking a little confused. "We didn't even get a first chance!"
He paused for a moment to consider, and it was self reflection. In truth he had not really gone out of his way when it came to her, and that was a stark realisation given he was, at heart, a very passionate man... as were most of the Orion species.

His lips went thin as he started across the room to her. "Your not the only one at fault... I'm as much to blame. I've been wrapped up with my new business, getting the small cargo ship I've bought back up to snuff and feeling like you had more important things to do... Lets just say I didn't react to well!"

Walking in to meet him half way, Sher’ra put on a gentle smile, “it’s not your fault at all. As you said you had a business to run, you couldn’t spare the time to chase me down” she said, carefully reaching forward and placing a hand on his arm, “you’re starting a new life here, and I want to be apart of that if you’re still open to it”

"Of course I am" taking her hands and leading her across the living space so they could get comfortable on the throw cushions scattered around the square knee high table in the middle of the room. "I have an hour before I need to go... How long are you here for?"

“The Cerberus isn’t due for a patrol any time soon so I’m here until I get the call” Sher’ra answered, sitting down beside him and resting her head on his shoulder, “but if all we have is an hour, I wouldn’t mind spending it here with you. We don’t even have to do anything, just sit here and relax. Forget about the rest of the galaxy’s problems for a moment and just breath”

Jaas'rah tugged at the clasp of Sher'ra tunic, a hunger for her taking hold of him.
"I'm sure we could find something to do for an hour!"

Looking up at him, Sher’ra gave a playful grin, “I’ll try not to bruise you to badly. I mean It wouldn’t look good”