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Posted on Wed Aug 24th, 2022 @ 5:15am by Commander Peter Horn & Lieutenant Commander Melanie D’BrooNi- Haistro

Mission: Episode 5 - Objects In Motion
Location: Infirmary

It had taken seemingly forever, but now, Peter felt ready. Well as ready as he could be because he still felt as though he'd never really be whole again. He'd had long conversations with Harley, very emotional ones within the privacy of his quarters. And once again, it had proven that he really did need her, she once again proved that she was his rock, the one person he truly depended on.

Ilyas had insisted he accompany his father, a look of mixed concern and pride on his boyish features. he held his father's hand as the pair walked into the infirmary. "Doctor?" The boy called out, practically feeling his father's anxiety, and not just through how tightly his hand was held. "I've brought dad..."

Peter managed a smile at his youngest's audacity, to make it seem he'd been dragged here. "That is enough Ilyas," he said softly, "I will handle it from here."

"Commander, Ilyas. How nice to see you both. What can I do for you?" Mel asked.

"Commander Ilyas," the boy giggled happily, "I like it! Can I be called that now?" He looked up at both adults, casting them the brightest smile he could produce.

Peter just smiled slightly, sensing the child's enthusiasm and letting it slide for now. "I am ready now," he told his oldest friend as he held up his right hand. "I can only apologize for having taken so long to come to you. Did you mean it, when you said it could be regrown?"

"You are as cheeky as Charlie you know," Mel smiled at the child. "Best start doing your extra credit now and we will see when your older if we can get you a yeoman position or something if your serious about being in starfleet. Reaching Commander what a goal ehh," she teased him knowing he probably wasn't thinking that way at all.

"No apologies necessary. You had a big shock Peter," she said softly. "It just needed a little time. And yes .... in fact ....." she smiled slightly. "I took the liberty in case. And put it on ice. If you hadn't come to me in a year I was going to destroy it but come with me ......"

She led him to a small lab and inputted a password. A cryo drawer opened. "Your hand is ready. We can schedule the surgery as soon as your happy and comfortable."

That was a bit of a shock too, to see something that belonged to him and yet, in its present condition, was completely alien to him as well. Instinctively, he pulled Ilyas behind him, to spare him the sight, but the child was curious and pushed past him anyway.

"Ew, gross!" the boy exclaimed, before walking out of the lab.

Peter sighed. "And this is why I did not wish for him to come, but he insisted.. "Happy and comfortable, I think that will be a while," he admitted, "but I need this done. I cannot..." He paused, shaking his head to pull himself together. "Thank you now a good time?"

"I would need to schedule in another surgeon and take some anti nausea drugs but I might be able to get surgery prepped in a couple of hours. Do you want to touch base with Harley? You will need to stay in overnight for observation," Mel said.

"She should not assist," Peter insisted, "but yes I will obviously inform her." Not that he could really keep any secrets from her to begin with... The idea of staying overnight wasn't something he had been prepared for, but he would if that was what was needed. "Please let me know when you are ready, I will keep the remainder of the day free of appointment's, as well as tomorrow."

"Perfect," Mel said. "Peter, Tay's coming for a visit. Dare I ask if Seleya is too?"

"If Tay is coming, you can count on Seleya coming as well," Peter answered, "though that does have me wonder why she did not inform us of that fact? Those two are inseparable, insofar I know. Unless you know something that I do not? Aside from them coming, obviously."

"I know nothing," Mel said simply. "Although I am hopeful what it could be." She smiled as she was looking through schedules. "I can get me and Dr Hock to assist this afternoon. 15:00 Hours. If that suits I need you not to ingest anything from this point forward except a little water if needed. Okay?"

"I will make certain it suits," Peter answered with a firm nod, "I wll got and tell Harley that Tay is visiting, and that I assume Seleya is coming with him." He chanced a small smile. "Thank you Melanie, where would I be without you?"

"You would be just fine Peter Horn. You have a good wife, great family and a strong head on your shoulders," Mel said softly. "Now see you in theatre soon."

"And friends I can depend on," Peter added. "I wish I knew what has come of K'Nara....I have been keeping up with bat'leth practice..." He gave a small nod at her confirmation. "I cannot wait to be whole again," he confirmed before walking away.

"I heard she divorced Merzan," Mel said. "I could put some feelers out if you like. I last saw her about 8 years ago. Her boys were were fairly grown and Charlie was about 8. She talked forever about learning the Bat'leth after that. It lasted about five minutes. Paddy stuck it out longer."

"If you could..." Peter turned around just as he reached the door and offered another grateful smile. "And you just proved my point, where would I be without you?" He gave a final nod, then disappeared.


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