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Lost and Found

Posted on Thu Aug 25th, 2022 @ 12:20pm by Commodore Keiben Haistro & Commander Tamaska Holt & Lieutenant Commander Melanie D’BrooNi- Haistro & Lieutenant JG Osil Haistro

Mission: Episode 5 - Objects In Motion
Location: Replimat - Promenade
Timeline: Mission Day 6 @ 0700 Hours


The lighting along the promenade had started to fade up in luminosity, as if simulating a sun rise. It was something of a curiosity to Keiben given the militaristic nature of the Cardassian Union when this station had been built that they had taken into account this one very minor but almost warming detail.

His thoughts were broken when his stomach started to rumble, having had no time the evening before to stop and eat anything despite his insistence that Mel eat. He squeezed her hand slightly as they walked along the still silent shopping area, most of the shops still closed, the pair of them heading to meet Osil for breakfast in the replimat and already Kei could see the lean form of his brother sitting at a table looking out at the walkway and the shops on the opposite side.

"Good morning dear brother... I thought we would be here before you but you seem to have beaten us both!"

"He didn't need to stop to throw up," Mel quipped. "Good morning Osil. How are you?"

Osil smiled brightly as he stood to greet them. "Oh, he didn't join you and be supportive of your plight?" he teased, offering a hug to her. "How inconsiderate of him!" He cast his older brother a mock glare though his black eyes seemed to sparkle with glee. "I'm fine dear, how are you holding up? I'm told this thing lasts only what the first months?"

"Hey, I did offer on the understanding that she takes half of my paperwork and completes it for me... For some reason she turned me down on my offer!" Kei teased, pulling out a chair for Mel to let her sit.

"I have enough paperwork in my own job you slave driver you," Mel teased Keiben but smiled at him pulling a chair out for her. Taking her seat, she added, "And I see enough sick. I shall endeavour. I have survived having 2 before this one.

"What have you been up too Osil? Anything interesting?"

"Nah not really, just patrolling the station mostly," Osil answered with a wave of dismissal. "And it's probably a walk in the park for you right, if you've done this before." He grinned. "And if not be sure to let Kei fully in on it alright? Promise?"

Kei shivered visibly, a wave of something familiar and uncomfortable all rolled into one washed over him. The Humans would have called it as someone walking over your grave but this has stronger connotations when one was a telepathic being. He shrugged it off and stood intent on the replicator. "What do you want Mel?"

A woman wandered through the promenade, looking at the people there, she had dark hair, and dark eyes, a rather distinctive lock of pure white hair above her right temple. A cloak with a hood around her shoulders. She sensed something, something she'd not felt for a long time, and followed it. At first it was a light sense but as she further followed it, the sense grew stronger. She rounded a corner and stopped dead in her tracks.

There were two men she didn't quite recognize but something about them felt familiar. With them was a pregnant woman. She didn't approach them yet, just watched and observed for a moment. As she continued to watch them there seemed a small vestige of memories fighting to get to the surface. Both men were quite handsome, the woman pretty. While she watched, she racked her brains trying to dredge up her memories.

"If there any hasperat?" Mel asked surprising herself. "When I was pregnant with Paddy it was carbs, Charlie anything sugar ..." she looked at Keiben ... "I was high as a kite on sugar. Well this kid. It wants spice. Is that a Betazoid thing?" she asked hopefully.

"I don't know... Sounds more like a hormonal issue to me," Osil laughed. Yet he stopped abruptly as he watched his brother, an eerie feeling creeping over him as well. "We're being watched," he suddenly said as his security training took over in a heartbeat.

"Its more than that Os... Open up and focus on that feeling... Does it seem familiar to you?"
Keiben had a heavy feeling in the pit of his stomach. The last time he had felt this was years ago, sectors away in what felt like a completely different lifetime.

Osil shifted, carefully but insistently pulling Melanie behind him just in case. "Familiar yes, and I don't like this feeling. Who's watching us and to what purpose..." He studied his older brother, a look of concern on his face. He sensed the feeling of dread but he didn't quite understand that either.

Kei scanned the sparse crowd and only one figure, slender but commanding authority with a hood pulled up casting shadow across the face... He took a moment to regard the person, really soak in what he was seeing, feeling and reading and then it hit him. A wave of familiarity that was unmistakable... "Mother?"

She tilted her head slightly to one side, regarding the man who stood before her. Her eyes narrowed slightly, as she puzzled out who he may be. "Do I know you? You have a familiar sense about you." her eyes seeming to try to pierce through the clouds of time. "You say I am your mother, that has a ring of truth." A pause, "What is your name?"

Confusion spread across the younger Haistro's face as he glanced between the woman and his older brother. "What? How...mother died when I was six years old..." He regarded the woman with a level of suspicion. "Lieutenant j.g. Osil Haistro," he told her, keeping it formal.

Mel fell out of her Hasperat haze and found herself pulling out the medical tricorder she always carried. "May I?" she asked the new comer. Seemingly her new mother in law who was supposed to be dead.

Maeve scanned over Osil and then over to Keiben, then to the woman . "Certainly, you may." then she looked back at Osil. "You are Osil, I had a child awhile back ago. he was adorable, his name was Osil and.. you're... " she stared at Osil. "It can't be.. Osil? Just how old are you now?" her eyes searching his.

Still utterly confused by this odd sense of not knowing this woman and yet somewhere deep down her being familiar, Osil frowned back. "I'm twenty-six, though I'll be twenty-seven soon. Why?"

Mel took as many scans as her tricorder would allow her face looking to Keiben. He had never really spoken about his mother in all the years she had known him. She knew he hadn’t invited her to their wedding.

Maeve's eyes traveled over Osil's features, a sadness in them. "So many years have passed, things I have missed." she gave a bit of a regretful sigh. Then she looked at Mel then over to Keiben. "Would it be alright if I get something to eat."

"How is this possible," Osil breathed, radiating confusion, "mother died when I was six, how can you be our mother?" He turned his head towards his older brother. "Kei?" he begged, hoping the man would have a sensible explanation. He was the head of the family, after all.

Kei was lost for words, the world feeling numb around him and suddenly like the same teenager so many years ago that had been told his parents had died and he was now head of the house. He had never been close with his mother... or was that simply because of his age at the time she had gone missing after all he was no more than fifteen or sixteen years old and firmly in the hormones surging through his body at the time.

This conflict of feelings was easily read on his features, suddenly looking boyish rather than the rugged, square jawed and focused man that he normally was. He had and had not missed her and this conflict was playing out within him. He would have stronger memories of her than Osil and Ileyana would barley remember her.

Ultimately the love for seeing his family again won out and he stepped forward, scooping the smaller women into a hug.
"How is this possible?"

For a moment Maeve stiffened, not expecting this sort of reunion, then her arms crept around Kei, "Is it truly you? Son?" then she broke down in sobs, her face buried against his chest, her body shaking with them. Maeve hadn't expected this, finding her sons. Not here, not this way.

Osil looked to Melanie, feeling utterly awkward as the woman broke into sobs against his brother's broad chest. "Is she really our mother? How...she's dead..."

Mel was fast processing her scanned data pulled up against dna data for both her husband and his brother. She nodded, “DNA records show yes i would say 99.99% match. Shes showing evidence of head injuries and a broken arm in the past.”

Tears welled up in the younger Haistro's eyes as he regarded the others. "She died," he said, his voice cracking with emotion, "we were told she died...her and dad both... Where was she, the past twenty years?"

"We best get you to the Infirmary, treat your wounds. The tearful reunion can wait until later!" Kei looked first at Mel for the briefest of moments before turning his attention to Osil. Nothing was said between the two but the look carried more words the the complete works of Shakespeare.



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