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Unknown unknows

Posted on Sun Nov 7th, 2021 @ 6:23pm by Lieutenant Commander Melanie D’BrooNi & Lieutenant Commander Lillian Carter

Mission: Episode 4 - The Fires Of Hades
Location: Infirmary, Upper Central Core
Timeline: MD5 @ 0800


As requested, Lillian followed Melanie down to the Infirmary from ops. Clearly, her change into the 'New Lillian Carter' had the doctor interested. Lillian herself was also curious to find out why this had happened.

"So .. you know your face has changed right?" Mel asked slowly needed to make sure that the other woman knew she looked nothing like what she used to look like.

"Really!" Lillian replied looking mock surprised. "Well, that would explain a great deal..." she added with a straight face before laughing.

"Yes Mel, I had noticed It's a bit had to miss the hair, eyes, the smile, the legs! You know I had to replicate a new uniform this morning as I couldn't get the twins or the caboose to fit in my old one." She motioned to her chest and rear. "The one downside is I think I've put on weight too." She said with a sigh and a wistful expression.

"You're not overweight in terms of your height," Mel commented. "What happened? I mean how did this .... occur?"

Lillian shrugged her shoulders "I have no idea. I went to bed last night and I woke up like this. I did feel a bit funny the night before, like sudden chills and achy arms and legs."

"It's so strange," Mel said. "Is it just your appearance. Is your conscious, your inner essence as it always was?"

"I still feel like me" Lillian replied, "And I remember when I reported for my first medical on the Copernicus. I was whistling some Bach which you asked about and you commented on my eye.... my eyes." She caught sight of her reflection in the wall monitor and stared at it for a moment "They're totally different now."

"I believe it's you. Some part of me still sees part of the old you. But this is odd. You need to keep an eye on it. Let's hope there are no more unexplained changes. I just want to run some tests, ensure there's nothing further we need to know about. It's up to the Captain to decide if there's any sort of security risk or anything here. But for the record, I believe it's you and not an imposter. I mean when would anyone have had time in the last 24 hours?" Mel said patting the Cardassian equivalent of a biobed.

Lillian hopped on the bed and stopped, examining her hands then running them over her arms and upper body. "Well, it could have been worse." She said with a wry smile. "So, what's the word hummingbird?" she craned her neck trying to see the tricorder readout.

"Your DNA only in terms of characteristic is different. Everything else tallies up to you being Lillian Carter. I don't know what to tell you. I've never seen anything like this. Can I have permission to study it further? Maybe write a paper one day? If we can fathom it out?" she asked.

"Well, I'd like to know what caused this too Doc, so you go for it." Lillian said with a smile as she slid off the medical bed. She paused and added, "Just as long as I don't end up being probed or dissected by Starfleet Medical."

"No promises. We are in a strange unknown part of space, in a strange apparently not recognised Cardassian station with strange things happening like ghosts and zombie hallucinations and well appearances changing," Mel said simply. Her face was completely deadpan.

Lillian looked at the Doct for a moment, then smiled. "Well, if I turn into a zombie, I'm going to eat your brains first."


Lieutenant Commander Lillian Carter
Intelligence Officer Deep Space 21/CO USS Cerberus

Lieutenant Mel D'BrooNi


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