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Down in the Depths

Posted on Mon Oct 25th, 2021 @ 7:55pm by Ensign Edward Teach & Senior Chief Petty Officer Jonathan Stoun & Petty Officer 1st Class Amalia Darcy & Petty Officer 1st Class Shailyn Lothian

Mission: Episode 4 - The Fires Of Hades
Location: Main Computer Core
Timeline: Current

With the Captain having been sent to sickbay, and most everyone cleared, Amalia looked over to Shailyn. "Okay that was oh so weird. You saw that ghost right? Sidorov?"

Shailyn nodded. "I did and it was so weird. I didn't like the fact that AI was just so obnoxious, she almost killed me!"

This was the conversation that Stoun and Teach would hear when they stepped inside where the two women were at.

Shailyn jumped when she heard the doors opening, and turned to look. "Oh Hi Chief!" her hand going to her chest, almost feeling like she would be having a heartattack.

"As you were." Jon smiled at the two. "What are you two working on? Hopefully telling this old bucket of bolts to leave us the hell alone right?" The engineer looked over the core. "Either of you read Cardassian?"

Shailyn shook her head, but Amalia raised her hand. "I do Chief." giving a nod. "And yes, telling that thing there we're not going to take it anymore. There is a weird device there that was hooked up to main computer. The crazy images disappeared after we disconnected it. Shailyn seems to be still a bit shaken up." Amalia looked over to the chief of operations. I don't think she's gone to get herself checked out yet."

Shailyn shot an icy look towards Amalia. "I'm quite fine thank you." then she looked at Teach, pointedly ignoring Amalia for the moment. "Any word on the chief of operations?"

Amalia grinned. "Yup she's fine." giving a laugh.

"Glad things are going well, I'll admit, not as familiar with Cardassian tech as I should be." He studied over the situation. "Alright, coming into the situation a bit late. What do you need me to do? I'm at your service and discretion at this point." Jon smiled at the three.

"I was wondering if you have had any encounter with that thing." Amalia pointing at the strange device, that was definitely alien in nature, well make it not Cardassian make. She looked over towards Teach, "How about you Teach?"

Shailyn looked at the others, her question about the Chief of Operations not seeming to have been answered.

Edward was staring intently at the device with dark images swimming through his mind, he barely heard the question. " Hmm? What? Oh yes I think I've seen something like this before. " He paused as a shiver went down his spine. " I think we ran into some devices like this when we were exploring the T'kon outpost, I hope the hell I'm wrong. The only way to be really sure is to get someone with some mental ability's to check it out and that can be dangerous. "

"I didn't run into anything here, got here after apparently all of the insane stuff started. I wonder if they'll let me take it apart and see what makes it tick." the engineer wiped his head, it was warm down in the core. "I haven't heard anything about Chief of operations." He looked towards Shailyn. "They are going to have their work cut out of them. You angling for it?"

Shailyn looked at Chief Stoun. "Angling for what sir? I am just worried about Lieutenant Anek Tua. He was here being attacked by those nightmares we were having, from what I am thinking."

Edward looked at Stoun and spoke in a calm tone. " Chief, the lass here is worried about her friend, nothing more. " He turned his attention to Shailyn. " Your friend Lieutenant Tua, Is he doing alright? He is safe I hope and not one of the missing. " He said in a reassuring tone.

Amalia looked at the rest. "Okay I am thinking that the chief is just teasing Lothian, so back to work. " a smile briefly showing. "We've got this strange device, one which we need to look at probably at a later time. The lights are on but we need to start checking the over all status for the station. Right chief? You still call the shots on the whole repair work. And like I said, I do read cardassian."

"Yeah, just a joke, sorry." He smiled at the group, he was grateful to Amalia for helping smooth things over. "Let's get everything fired up and working. We've got a station to get moving. Diagnostic routines run yet? As long as everything comes back within tolerance I'm good with moving forward."

"Well we do have a bit of constipation between the conduits and the landing pads but I think we can get that relieved in some way." Amalia giving a cheeky smile. "Shouldn't take too long for that to be swapped out. Just have to do some leg work."

Lothian gave a nod, bringing over the tricorder for the readings, to Stoun.

Jon looked over the readouts. "From what I've seen from Cardassian tech, this is within their tolerances, would never pass muster on a Federation ship, but you have to admire the robustness of it. I'm comfortable with powering it up, who wants to be the lucky one to head down and check and swap those couplings?"

" Aww.. What the hell. " Said Teach. " I might as well have a bit of fun doing this. " He grinned at the others. " Beside if I die, What's one more ghost wandering around this station? Might be fun wandering in and out of people's quarters to see what they're up to. " He watched the ladies reaction to his statement. " What? Think he's the only one allowed to crack bad jokes? " He grabbed a tool set and spare couplings and got up to go. " Wish me luck. "

"Stay in contact with us, who knows what is still lurking in this bucket of bolts. I'm sure we are going to have to rip out most of the nonsense in this place at somepoint. I'm not really looking towards that but.. what can you do I guess. Keeps us all employed." Jon grinned at everyone. "Be careful."

Shailyn huffed at Teach, "Not funny." she grumbled, "Maybe I should go with him to make certain Teach doesn't blow anything up." rising to her feet to follow after Teach.

" What'd ya mean we can't blow anything up? " Said Teach. " Come on Lass!! I'll even let you light the fuse! " He stated teasingly. As he picked up his walking pace.

Amalia looked at Shailyn then towards Stoun, "Your call chief, though it might be good for Lothian to go with him, you know the saying many hands make light work."

"Yeah, probably for the best. Sorry all, I'm not all quite with it today for some reason." He looked down at the tricorder again, "Hopefully not everything needs replaced and we can get this done quick and on to the next thing." Jon rubbed his face.

Edward heard Stoun's comment as he reached the entrance of the Jefferies tube. " Not feeling up to snuff lad? Raktajino followed by a good massage will do ya up right. There's a great program for a massage parlor, give it a whirl lad. " With that said he disappeared into the Jefferies tube and began working his way down into the depths of the station.

Amalia watched as Teach and Shailyn disappeared from view, then looked at Stoun, "I can give you the program to translate Cardassian and you look like you need a pick me up. Power is running, we don't have that ghost running around scaring people." she closed up the console. "Let's take a break while Teach and Lothian are taking care of the couplings."

"Aye, I think I need it. Guess you can't run on fumes forever huh? Let's go. We'll stay in comms with them if they need anything. Not that big of a station." Jon nodded.

Amalia nodded, "If needed we can go help out, but I think they've got it handled." heading out with Jon to get some food and take a break.

After about fifteen minutes of crawling and climbing, they finally arrived in the area were they needed to be. " Gods lass, when do you suppose the last time anyone was down here? " He glanced at Shailyn. " What do ya think happened here? We come to a station with no battle damage, and everything left right were it was. I hear they found clothes left in the drawers and no bodies to be found anywhere. Makes you wonder huh? "

Shailyn gave a slight shiver. "Yeah at times it does make you wonder."

" There we be, Done and done. A simple fix, Now let's get out of here lass! There's something about the smell and the feel of it here that gives me the shivers. Like the feeling I used to get when my Ex wife was standing behind me. " He shuddered visibly. " Well satan got himself a good bride after the divorce, and he's more then welcome to her. Good riddance to bad rubbish I say. " With that said they began their long and slow crawl back up to engineering.



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