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The Garden Of Eden Has Teeth

Posted on Thu Apr 1st, 2021 @ 12:54pm by Ensign L'johk Adams & Captain Keiben Haistro & Ensign Kotan Yojar & Ensign Lillian Carter & Commander Tamaska Holt & Ensign Sher'ra Verona & Ensign Adrian Sage & EMH Mark IV & Ensign Edward Teach & Ensign Robert "Bobby" Matthews & Petty Officer 1st Class Amalia Darcy & Neshia Yojar

Mission: Episode 2 - Echoes Of An Empire
Location: Deck 4 - Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 9 @ 1300 Hours


Ensign Adams bustled into sickbay, nearly barging into the holographic doctor with his shoulder. They had lost all contact with all teams very quickly into the mission and at one point these oily creatures had swarmed the ships outer hull, trying to force their way in, now only a few hours after the alien beings had given up and moved on did one of the away teams return with injuries.
"Commander... What is going on?"

"I am not certain, Adams, we came into contact with a creature that seemed to be rather tough and formidable. It hurt Yojar terribly and he fought bravely to protect his wife and Carter here. Something about the atmosphere caused the runabout to crash. What happened here?" Carrying Neshia to medical.

"Its been quiet here for the most part... I think the creatures you mentioned came by but seemed to give Copernicus a wide berth and that was a short time after the sensors and communications went down. We've been trying to find a way around it but with no joy".

He looked around the room taking in the people present. "Where are Doctor D'BrooNi and that new Counsellor of ours? The Captain and his team are on board and heading to sickbay now!"

"I am not certain, but there was some weird things happening, we had heard the Captain's voice over some strange console and then the creatures popped up. I am really worried Adams, I truly am. Lets go meet up with the rest of them. I am certain that Neshia needs some attention as well."

The doors parted and another group entered looking equally as dishevelled and exhausted, all but the emerald skinned security chief who seemed to be taking it in her stride. Captain Haistro on the other hand looked worse off than the rest but he was finally starting to feel the machines grip fading with every moment that passed. Perhaps it was the ships surroundings blocking it out or maybe it had a range to its broadcast, either way he was just glad to be free of its control.

Sher'ra helped him up onto a biobed next to Ensign Carter and she couldn't help but note her condition. With a wry smile she asked "Rough landing?"

Lillian managed a smiled through gritted teeth. "Aye Sir. That tends to happen when you lose all engine power. Just a little... dented in places but Ensign Matthews carried me to safety."

Tamaska was relieved at the arrival of the Captain. "I am glad that you are okay, but.. where are the others? And are we going to be able to get communication set up with them?" her brow furrowing in a lot of concern. "Adams did say that the sensors and communications had gone down."

Amalia was quiet then spoke, "I can go start working on getting the communications up and running... well I am sure you have already been working on it already." looking at Adams. "Maybe get something to boost it up, I wonder just what we have available to get up in the air." she quietly remarked.

Keiben shifted on the biobed, thankful to be able to rest but in the same instance he couldn't neglect his crew. He had been able to communicate with Commander Horn because of the machine but he had also been able to sense Mel despite her lack of telepathic gift... what had that meant? Either which way they needed to be retrieved.
"Commander I want you to take a well armed team and get our people back. Without the machine controlling me the creatures should be harmless unless it can take Commander Horn hostage... You need to get to them and quickly. Doctor D'BrooNi and her team are with Commander Horn at the coastal facility... don't ask me how I know, it would take to long to explain!"

"I need to get to my lab," Adrian piped up, "I need to examine all this data we gathered, all these compositions we discovered. Maybe the means to defeating those globs is in there."

While everyone was talking Tamaska was counting on her fingers what they had left to go after those at the seaside, there wasn't any craft available to go to where the others were at. Tamaska turned to Adams and Teach, "I need to know if we can use the transporters to send us to where Melanie and Horn are at? I do believe we do not have any other way to get there. There is the craft that was dropped from the sky due to the atmosphere ionization then there are those that were taken by Melanie and Horne. Unless I am mistaken."

"No ma'am" Adams pitched in. "There is no way for us to cut through the interference that is in the atmosphere... We can't even pinpoint where the source of it is."

He looked helpless, which for a burly half klingon seemed almost wrong.

Tamaska looked over at Keiben, " You said you had gotten linked to that machine, do you think you can calculate how far away we are from where Mel and Horn are at?" Tam was really feeling hard pressed on this one, it a solveable situation but how to get there at the best rate of speed. She'd need to figure out how fast she'd have to run there. Hopefully someone there near Horn was would be able to save him.

"If Horn is connected to the machine, he'd probably have to be knocked out to get him away from it." Amalia offered. "Its how the Captain was able to be pulled away."

“If Horn is connected to that machine, we must consider him a potential threat” Sher’ra said, retuning from a quick look around the crash site, “when the Captain was hooked into it, he seemed to loose control of his own body”

"When the Captain was pulled away it looked like those creatures were stopped, its what he had yelled out."

"So was there a map?"Tamaska asked, "Did anyone get a map that may help us pinpoint the different areas?" She was very willing to get the others but just how to go about it.

“Sorry, I was busy trying to keep our CO from killing the rest of us” Sher’ra said with a fair amount of sarcasm, “we didn’t exactly have time to look around”

Tamaska gave Verona a sharp glance, "That was uncalled for Ensign" she snapped out. "That was a general question, I was asking." she looked over at Keiben, "Captain did you see a map as to where everything was at."

" I've got the map right here, Commander. "Amalia spoke up, handing over her padd,"If we pull up a display we can determine how far we are from the others. I took the liberty of getting details. Apparently when the captain was near the hub it was showing an area of 300 square kilometers. From what it was, it seemed to be the command center."

"Without the processors the creatures can't function... Tam, I hate to do this but I have no other choice... Take a heavily armed team and get there on foot if you need to... Commander Horn isn't a telepath such as a Betazoid, I don't think he will have enough power to do what the machine wants but if it can control him it can control the nanoprobes within his system... The implications are less than enticing!"
Keiben felt weak and the action of propping himself up on his elbows had knocked the wind out of him.

“We shouldn’t split up again. We don’t have the people for search parties” Sher’ra said under her breath. She didn’t want to go against the XO’s orders, but as security chief she was responsible for everyone’s lives down here, and talking to herself helped her to think more clearly.

"I only wish we had an Argo on board!" Keiben said aloud if only directed at himself for his short sightedness. He made a mental note to make sure Copernicus took one on board at the next layover.

"Okay, Verona let's get a group together, you, me, Teach, Matthews." she looked at Adams. "How about you? Any others who want to be in on the rescue?"

Teach looked up. " Aye Commander I'm in, But I'd like to get some more gear if you don't mind. A phaser rifle, a couple of photon grenades and me cutlass. We're going to need to be armed for bear if we run into those greeblies again. "

Sher'ra nodded, "alright, I'm with you. let's get this over with"

"Count me in, I'm going to go. Minka and Chief are out there, and gotta check on them." Amalia replied. " Just can't let anything happen to them."

"I'm with you Commander!" LojhK announced, having been silent for a time just watching the exchange between the others, his Klingon half once again doinjg battle with his Human half. One terrified the other reeling at the thought of honourable combat.

Tamaska nodded, "Get your gear, and whatever else is needed and meet at the ramp in 10 minutes."

She looked over at Keiben and the other injured ones. "We'll do our best to get them back. Can't lose anyone, just can't." Tamaska said to both herself and the others.

"Catch you later chief. Make sure you rest that leg," Bobby said to Lilian before heading out after the XO.



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