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Adventure on the open seas

Posted on Fri Mar 26th, 2021 @ 2:34pm by Ensign Edward Teach & Commander Tamaska Holt

Mission: Episode 2 - Echoes Of An Empire
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: Sometime before first mission

Tamska decided she needed to speak with Edward Teach, especially since he would be going on her away mission to explore some ruins north of the landing site of the Copernicus. She checked the ships computer to find out where Teach was at. His location was in the holodeck.

Interesting she thought, Wonder what sort of program he is running. And Tamaska went to investigate. Finding where he was located, Tamaska was surprised to see through the archway which led into the holo deck, the program he was running.

At the docks a black sixty meter two gun deck sailing ship bristling with cannons. Crewmen swarmed the mast prepping the sails, whilst others manned and worked the lines from below. The figure head was an evil looking skeleton with large red crystals for the eyes and an out stretched arm holding a wicked looking sword, and the name on the ship. The Queen Anne's Revenge.

Edward looked down and saw Commander Tamaska on the docks as some of the crewmen gawked at her odd clothing. " Computer, Freeze program!!" He called out as everything froze into place. " Commander, If Ye are planning on staying, Could I ask Ye to change clothes? You be confusing me crew with your outlandish outfit."

He had slow burning cannon fuses woven into his beard that gave off smoke and gave him a sinister appearance, Wearing Black trousers, a white shirt with a red sash with a brace of flintlocks tucked into the sash. A black long coat and tricorner hat completed the outfit with the exception of the evil looking broad sword that hung from his belt that was adorned with a half dozen shrunken heads. He stood at the railing and grinned at her as she was greeted by a voice of gravel. " Welcome aboard matey."

"Not a problem, I'll change my outfit, however we've got somethings to talk about, Teach." flashing a smile, then called up a dressing room for her to change into something appropriate.

When she was changed, she stepped out and Tam sent the dressing room away. She had a cotton loosely fitting shirt, a red sash tied about her waist. Dark brown trousers fitting the time, and her hair tied back in a red kerchief, with a curved sword at her side. She was barefoot, which was common at the time as well, to keep her footing on a wet, slick deck. "Now Captain, what is the prize bounty we are going after."

" Follow me lass." As he climbed the steps up to the wheel. " Listen up ye curs!! This be first mate holt, And ye best be listenin to her unless ye want me feeding you your own gullet. Now listen up!! We be going after the Spanish treasure ship El Halcon!! We be over taking her before she reaches Cartagena!! Now put your backs into you maggots if ye want to live likes kings and get this ship underway!!"

Edward turned towards Tamaska. " I believe that answered your question first mate, Did it not?"

"Yes it did, Capt'n" Tamaska stated, "Where are you wanting me?"

" Indeed I do matey." Responded Teach in his throaty growl. " The tide be coming up and the wind is to our backs, Have the crew cast off lines and in finish the riggin proper for we be settin sail now."

Tamaska nodded and bellowed out the commands, her voice wasn't a shrinking violet voice, it rang over the whole ship and could be heard over the snapping of the sails and the ropes.

"Cast off the lines, finish setting the rigging, Hoist the sails we be movin' right away!" as she watched the men scurry about their duties. She looked back at Teach, "They be moving right fast."

" A ways down the coast thar be a cove where we can hide the ship and wait for the El Halcon. we have lookouts up on the hill and when she is sighted we slip in behind her and strike swiftly before they even know we be there." He stroked his beard with a grin on his face. " and if we be skilled enough and take her without excessive damage, Then we can add another ship to our growing fleet."

Edward took the helm and guided the ship towards the open sea in a southernly direction. The lookout from above called out " Sails off the port bow!! "
Edward had the pilot take over the wheel and strode over to the port rail and pulled out a telescope and viewed the distant ship and then passed it to Tamaska. " That be the El Halcon alright, She be early and must of had a good wind to her back. Mate Tamaska, ring that bell like the devil and get the men to stations. Sharp shooters to the nest, Port gun crew with chain shoot and starboard gun crew with round shot. Look lively mate and give the order."

Tamaska grinned taking a look at what was coming towards them, then handed the telescope back to Teach, then rang the bell to call for general quarters, "alright you sea dogs, get ready for action, to arms to arms and let us take our prize!" she bellowed out.

Edward bellowed out to the crew. " Alright me matey's, To wrath and ruin we give chase and claim what be ours! Sharpen your steel and hoist the colors, RAISE THE BLACK LADDIES!! HOIST THE JOLLY ROGER WHERE ALL CAN SEE!!" The wind caught the sails as the Queen Anne's Revenge leapt forward like a living thing as she raced towards her prey.

" First Mate Tamaska. The El Halcon be ridin low and be laden in her holds. She have about a mile on us, So maybe fifteen to twenty minutes and we be in firing range of her. Are ye ready lass?"

"Aye I am ready Captain" Tamaska replied with a wide grin. "Let's get to it!"

The Queen Anne's Revenge leapt forward like a beast possessed and began to close the distance between the two ships. The El Halcon Slightly changed course towards the southeast. Edward raised his spyglass and checked ahead. " Trim those sails ye sluggards!! She be making for that squall an hoping she losses us in the storm !! " He leaned forward. " Mount them rail guns and fire upon the crows nest as soon as they be in range and take down those marksmen. "

At two hundred yards out the two small rail mounted gun with it's two pound ball opened up on the rear crows nest tearing holes into the nest and spraying wood fragments into the small crew. As the range closed Edwards marksmen began firing on the crows nest as well. In short order all three crows net were taken, but not without losses of their own. Six of the rail gun crew were killed by the marksmen as well as half of their own marksmen.

" Tamaska !! Bring her along side and have the port gun crew target they're sails and slow them down!! Get the boarding party ready with grappling hooks, We be going in lass, Fire them guns when your ready!!

" Run up the red flag beside our colors. No quarter asked and none be given. " Edward brandished his Sword. " TO WRATH ! TO RUIN ! IT BE A RED DAY ME BUCKO"S ! TAKE WHAT YE CAN AND GIVE NOTHING BACK ! "

"Aye Captain," Tamaska and the rest of the crew shouted out, as the ship was brought alongside and the cannons roared out. Chunks of wood flew into the air along with splinter sending the El Hacon crew scattering. Then the grapplehooks were made fast. Just as that was accomplished with a mighty roar the crew of the Queen Anne swung and climbed across and a heated fray was ensued. The clang of steel against steel, the sound of shots being fired from some pistols. The dull thud of clubs meeting flesh. Tamaska found herself pitted against two foes, their swords slicing towards her and she deftly deflecting them. She felt a piercing on her left side, from behind her, swiftly turning to see another El Hacon crew had come into play. She did an acrobatic dive to where she was behind the one who attacked her and drove her sword into him. And taking his sword to give her another one. She then utilized her skill of using duo blades, Florentine style. At the moment the adrenaline was keeping the cut from aching. ( good thing there were safety features for the scenario) it maybe a holo program but it still hurt!

Edward attacked from behind a Spanish sailor and cleaved into the side of his neck and pulled the blade free as the lifeless husk fell to the ground. A Spanish officer and sailor attacked at the same time, Edward parried the sailors clumsy thrust with ease. But the officer was more skilled and his thrust went through the topcoat and lightly cut the left bicep.

Edwards hand grabbed for one of the pistols strapped to his chest and pulled the gun as the officer pulled his blade back for a wicked slash as Edwards round tore through the officers face sending Gray matter, Blood and bone spraying out behind him. Edward had to quickly parry a savage thrust from the sailor with a slash knocking the blade wide of it's mark. He slashed again and took the sailors wrist off as the hand and sword clattered to the deck. Edward twist his hand and reversed the slash and putting his strength into it he took the sailors head on the reverse strike. " MATE TAMASKA !! HOW YE BE FARING? SHALL I HAVE THE COOK SOFTEN THEM UP FOR YE? "

"Very funny Captain Teach!" she saw the captain of The El Halcon "Teach, over there! Its time to take the prize!"

" Aye Lass!! It be time to take the fight to them. But look there, the blaggard has him Bosun with him !! If we get their heads on a pike the fight will be good as over!! " He rushed up the stairs towards the Captain at the helm and swung his blade in a murderous arc aimed at his neck. The Captain barely managed to parry the blow. Edward grinned. " The name be Blackbeard. I take it your the lily livered scum sucking maggot that be in charge of these worms? Oh and by the way En Garde. "

"Teach, call me squeamish but I would rather not see the head on the pike!" Tamaska shouted out, as she dashed forward to take on the bosun. The blades clashed together, the sound of metal against metal ringing through the air. Thrust parry, back and forth Tamaska and the bosun were in a heated battle.

" What be wrong first mate squeamish? It's not like I asked ye to eat blood pudding or fresh Gah, Or even testicle of a newt. Besides I be short on pikes at this time." The battle went on as the fury increased on both sides and blood flowed on the decks. Edward thrust and parried against the El Halcon's captain, who was more skilled then he appeared.

The fight went on for several more minutes before he saw an opening and ran the El Halcon's Captain through and twisted the blade in his stomach, But not before the captain's blade chopped into his shoulder as well. Edward grimaced in pain. He pulled his blade free and took the Captain's head and held it high for all to see. " YER CAPTAIN BE DEAD YE MAGGOTS!! SURRENDER NOW OR BE ETERNALLY DAMNED TO DAVY JONES LOCKER!! " The fighting slowly came to a halt as the Halcon's crew were outnumbered two to one and laid down their weapons.

Edward walked to the railing and addressed the prisoners. " Now listen up maggots. " As a hush fell over the ship. " If ye go back to Spain and they learn that ye lost this precious cargo to mere pirates, then they'll hang ye high and feed the crows with yer rotting flesh. " Or " He paused for effect. " Ye can sign our articles and join me crew and receive yer share of the spoils. We gentlemen of fortune live life fast and on the run, And I can promise you adventure, gold, and rum. Now what say Ye?" he turned to Tamaska. " Anything to add to that Lass? "

"Aye sign the articles!"Tamaska called out giving a grin, it being all that she felt like saying. She certainly was getting to know Teach and what he could do with a weapon. Just so he could hear, she stated, "You certainly have a few layers to you, don't you."

Edward raised an eyebrow and chuckled. " Layers? Let's just say I come from a complex family and leave it at that. " They watched the new crew sign the articles and take their share of the treasure. He looked about the ship and stroked his beard and removed the smouldering cannon wicks from it. " I'll have the appearance of the ship changed and rename her the firebrand. " He said offhandedly and then turned to face her. " Now commander what is it you want to talk to me about? I'm sure you didn't just come down here to play dress up and join me in my sword combat exercise program. But it's nice knowing that you've got some good combat abilities yourself. "

Tamaska laughed at the comment of playing dress up. "Actually I came to get to know a bit about you. So playing dress up is a way to get to know you. And thank you, its nice to know you've got good fighting abilities to. May come in handy sometime, one never knows, right?"

" Alright, Fair answer. Now that you've gotten to know me any regrets? He asked and then shrugged his shoulders. " Not that it would matter to a black hearted soulless pirate like me. " He stated with a grin. " I think I'm going to like serving aboard this ship. Computer end program and arch. Oh and you might want to change back into your uniform when you get back to your quarters. The crew may find it interesting to see you walking around in that get up. "

"No regrets, Teach, and you are not blackhearted nor soulless." At his comment about her get up, she shrugged, and laughed. "I already have plans to do so. But I will keep this outfit for possibly another time. I'll see you later and thanks for letting me participate."

" Don't let what passes for my sense of humor put you off, And it was fun having you along. But it's time for us to get back to work and for me to put my families history back in the box. " He said with a grin as they walked out of the holodeck.


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