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Posted on Thu Aug 25th, 2022 @ 12:24pm by Commodore Keiben Haistro & Commander Tamaska Holt & Lieutenant Commander Lillian Carter & Lieutenant Commander Melanie D’BrooNi- Haistro & Lieutenant Commander Liam Reynolds & Lieutenant Kaylee Serra-Reynolds

Mission: Episode 5 - Objects In Motion
Location: Central Core - Ward Room
Timeline: Mission Day 4 @ 1300 Hours


Keiben entered the wardroom still pouring over the initial planetary survey. On the surface, it appears almost a primaeval garden world. His major issue came from the fact it was such an untamed beauty as the last one he had been assigned to survey had tried to kill him more than once, indoctrinated him into a telepathic form of servitude, and started to change his wife into something more than just a Trill Medical Doctor and introduced him and the crew to one of the most dangerous creatures he had ever had the misfortune to meet.

The major broad strokes were that the planetary rings consisted of mostly water ice but some trace gases that had caused some interference with the sensors. Life was abundant on the surface in both flora and fauna but they had no details on the specifics. Structures had been found that resembled other T'Kon excavations and that would be something he would love to see for himself if he could worm his way past Tam and Mel to get to the surface. Firstly though, he needed to speak to the primary team assigned to oversee the colony establishment.

He dropped down into his seat at the head of the table, his nose still buried in the data not even noticing the others in the room, he just assumed he was the first one to arrive.

Sansa entered the wardroom feeling a bit nervous, not having been introduced to the station's senior staff other than Commander Carter who was not here and she did not know if she was attending. Not knowing if there was assigned seating, she hovered waiting to see who else arrived.

Mel flew in smelt something and immediately muttered “I’m so sorry” before heading out to the nearest bathroom. A couple of minutes later she tried take two this time giving herself a shot.

“Morning sickness,” she said sheepishly. “Hi. I’m Dr D’BrooNi,” she smiled at the red haired stranger.

Sansa smiled back and held out her hand. "Hi. I'm Sansa Draxx-Jones from the Merlin. You're pregnant?" she asked as her smile widened, "Congratulations. My mom just had twin boys. When are you due?"

"I .. erm ... you know what I have not calculated that yet," Mel said uncomfortably. If their suspicions were right and this baby had some TKon in it they knew nothing about that species gestation period. "I should get on to it," she forced a smile sidestepping from the question.

"Ms Jones, a pleasure to see you again." Keiben nodded in the direction of the Marine Biologist, thankful that she had agreed to come on to the project.

"It's a pleasure to be here Commodore," Sansa replied.

Tam had been in the proverbial corner of the wardroom, her attention and her 'nose' buried in what she was working on. The sound of the door opening brought her attention to the arrivals. She looked curiously at the young redhead

"Hello, I'm Commander Holt how are you doing?"

Sansa came over and held out her hand "Hello, I'm Sansa Draxx-Jones from the Merlin. Commodore Haistro has asked me to head up the marine cataloguing and survey part of the mission."

"That sounds intriguing, I do wonder what you will be finding out there and you definitely will be having people go with you to help watch over you as well." Tamaska added.

"Once Commander Reynolds arrives we can start but preliminary reports show a treasure trove of things from biological and archaeological finds". Keiben said, only just managing to contain his disappointment that the scientist in him would not be able to join the exploration teams.

"I've arrived," Liam said. "Well, we have," he smiled at his wife as they both took a seat. "All I can say is you will not be disappointed Commodore," Liam told him spotting the pip.

He blushed slightly seeing Dr D'BrooNi. Hopefully, they could keep the conversation of his injury from an alien bug out of things.

Kaylee felt Liam's embarrassment and her cheeks also turned red, knowing quite well what he was thinking.

He wasn't the only one blushing as Sansa's cheeks also burned bright red. "Hi, I'm Sansa." She said as she held out her hand to Liam "I've met your brother, Mum introduced us."

"Well" Kei started now that everyone had assembled, "Lets begin shall we!"

The small panel on desktop was on hand, allowing the Commodore to call up what little information they had.
"As you can see their is a general scattering field surrounding the planet, possibly from the creation of the Briar Patch as this system appears to have bee a T'Kon hub" his thoughts instantly going back to the events of only a few days ago and yet also millennia ago. "We know this once once a capital world within the T'Kon Empire and we have some indications of structures and a once abundant population. Planet and animal life is present but we can't get accurate enough readings to establish numbers and the life... Commander Reynolds will be the command officer in charge of establishing the colony and will be reporting in directly to me... Commander!"

The Betazoid flag officer surrendered the floor to his officer, not wanting to step on his toes.

"Thank you Commodore. Well not wanting to upset you but we are not sure on the TKon capital city thing. I tried to engage the lady .... the Farqi .. sorry I forget her title. The leader you brought back and she refused to acknowledge the planet as an outpost.

We have narrowed it down to one site. The one Kaylee and I visited and I can certainly verify there is life down there." His left butt cheek began to twitch slightly. He wasn't sure but he thought he saw the Commodores wife smile slightly. "Some of it people will need a shot for which the doctor has already analysed that and created the formula."

"Yes," said Mel. "There's a particular insect can cause some fairly bad swelling as the Commander discovered."

Liam didn't comment any further trying not to meet Kaylees eyes. He was just glad he had been in the firing line and his backside instead of any of her areas.

"So we are on to phase 2," he continued. "Bringing down supplies and starting to build our own structures. I am on the hunt for volunteers as theres a fair bit of prefab that Starfleet HQ sent me over with," he said.

"I have managed to convince Sansa here to come on board as your Marine Biologist and Oceanic surveyor... and I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty with some archaeological work... If I can sneak past my first officer, medical officer, wife and regulations!" he flashed a big beaming smile at the room which soon faltered as he saw the stern looks reflected back at him.

Sansa waved at the assembled group. "Hello, I look forward to working with you all." She blushed again as she caught Liam's eye.

Liam smiled. He hoped this crush wasn't going to be an issue. "Its great to have you Sansa and Captain I'm sure you can make it happen. Kaylee and I found something in our trip down you are definitely going to want to see."

He pressed his PADD and pulled up the scans of the monument they had taken. "See here. This is why I think its not T'Kon. Similar to some of the language we know of but somethings slightly off."

"May I get a copy of this data Commander?" Keiben asked, the archaeologist in him not able to let something like this slip him by.

"Of course sir," Liam said picking up on the other Betaziods excitement. "With your permission I would like to start transporting some of the prefab starfleet HQ sent me to your station with. Get a small base of operations up and running."

"Of course... If you can coordinate with Lieutenant Han in Ops when you are ready, he will be coordinating your supply runs and contact with the station!" his expression turning wistful. "I really do envy you Commander Reynolds... So much history down there to explore!"

Tam spoke up, " Well Commodore, you will get your chance to go down to the planet. After all we can swap shifts." giving a bit of a smile to Keiben, then turned her attention to Liam. " I am thinking that there will be others who would be rather excited to go down and help things out."

"If only time would allow but sadly, the role of Sector Command never seems to sleep... Which reminds me, we have another meeting starting shortly... Are there any further questions?"
He opened the floor to the gathered people.

Kaylee who had done her best to not interrupt, decided to raise her hand, "Who will be going down to the colony, and will there be a division as to who will do what?"

"Commander Reynolds has full autonomy to select his team with the exception of Ms Sansa here. I saw her credentials and knew would wouldn't be able to find a better oceanic surveyor within the sector!" he looked to Reynolds for a moment, "I hope you don't mind me interfering like that?"

“Not at all. We would be fools not to utilise someone with her experience in that field,” he said to the commodore. “I have a list of people for the set up phase and a list of interested scientists coming out of my ears. We just need to get the initial settlement up and running and then i can start making those scientists happy.”

"In that case, lets not keep them waiting... Ms Sansa, enjoy your shore leave and we will see you back here once you are rested. The rest of you, dismissed although Tam and Mel, if you pair could stay... I need you in the next meeting!"
He kept his cheerful tone but knew in his heart that the next meeting could have far larger a sector spanning consequences.



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