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Olive Branch

Posted on Sun May 1st, 2022 @ 7:57pm by Captain Keiben Haistro & Commander Tamaska Holt & Commander Peter Horn & Lieutenant Commander Melanie D’BrooNi & Lieutenant JG Alena Alessa

Mission: Episode 4 - The Fires Of Hades
Location: Central Core - Ward Room
Timeline: Mission Day -584,948 @ 1537 Hours


Alena looked at Commander Horn. He seemed stressed about the situation. She didn't blame him. The coming conversation could either save them, or get them killed. Thinking about how to best approach the Planet Governor and his Aide, she sighed. Respect was important here. More so than ever. She knew that. But how to avoid altering the timeline? Alena didn't like to have so many questions and so few answers. As she didn't know the customs of these people, she could only hope it would go well.

Peter liked having so few answers even less, and given his lack of knowledge regarding the T'Kon, he had no idea how to approach this. Especially, since he never had any training in regards to playing diplomat either. All he had was the security side of things, and that had been a while. He tugged down at the hem of his tunic, having chosen to wear his dress whites for the occasion. "Alright," he mused, "let us make the best of it, and try not to get us killed in the process."

Alena nodded. "Where do you want me, Sir?", she asked. She wanted to take Commander Horn's lead in this case. He was her superior. And he had more experience than she did. She would do what she could to help keeping the peace. However, she was well aware of the fact that it would be anything but easy.

What she couldn't know however was that, despite his years of experience as a Starfleet officer, when it came to diplomacy he was well out of his league. "I want you right here ensign, and I want you to interrupt me if you feel you have a good answer or suggestion in regards to their possible demands." He drew in a deep breath then nodded. "Let us do this. Hail them."

"Yes Sir", Alena said. She saw the transporter light up. Here we go, she thought. This was it. She stood straight. Now wasn't the time to falter, or hesitate. Alena had a feeling Commander Horn didn't like this situation any more than she did. However, they stood in said situation and had to deal with it. She drew in a breath and waited.

The T'Kon delegation beamed in. The first thing to hit the Fariq'awal was how recycled the air tasted to her. They needed better filtering that much was sure. And that they used a glorified room to transport. Instead just anywhere and at will. The room was darker than she liked things and Infront of them was one who was not reaching her full potential and one who choose to suppress much of his life.

"You are in the presence of Fariq'awal Telenua Roxus the 4th. You will take me to your leader," she demanded.

Peter nodded as he gestured ahead. "Please, this way ma'am," he said, "I will take you to Captain Haistro, he is nearby." And was no doubt sensing their guests already. "I am Commander Peter Horn, this is my diplomatic officer, Ensign Alena Alessa."

"I am Bar'syn, Governor of Karys'ii, one of the outer most colony worlds of the T'Kon Empire!" the unassuming gentleman said standing slightly behind the more imposing presence of the Fariq'awal. "Please forgive my military counterpart... They have to put on a show!"

Alena smiled. "Each department works differently. It's an honor to meet you both", she told Bar'syn and Fariq'awal. She knew that Fariq'awal was trying to intimidate them. While the female was indeed intimidating, Alena would not let the female hinder her job. Which was keeping the peace. "Hopefully we haven't caused you too much trouble", she added, aware that the 2 people in front of her were not from the same department. Fariq'awal seemed to be in a military branch, while Bar'syn obviously was some kind of negotiator. Probably diplomatic, though she had seen diplomatic students with a need to manipulate back when she was still at the Academy.

She squared her shoulders once more, and pushed her time at the Academy away from her mind. Now was no time to dwell on the past.

Peter cast his aide a look of approval, though those knowing him well would also detect a touch of pride.

Tamaska waited for the arrival of the dignitary, her heart was beating rapidly and she hoped it didn't sound like the thundering of horse hooves. She cast a look towards Keiben and then towards Melanie. "This is definitely an occasion that we're not going to be able to forget." she remarked quietly.

"Hal is freaking out," Mel said quietly of her first host who was insisting they run in her head.

The T'Kon delegation swept in, the Fariq'awal eyeing each of what she assume was the command crew evening. "Telepath race, humaniod race and .... you," her eyes dropped on Mel. "You are similar to us. An offshoot biologically. You carry another race. We were experimenting. How is this possible? It was a top secret project. I have read about the testing but no subjects had been selected. Have you been spying on the T'Kon science division? Stealing our research," she demanded.

Almost on instinct, Peter stepped forward, almost protectively in front of one of his oldest friends. "Doctor D'BrooNi is not a spy," he told them, "she is a highly valued member of the station's medical staff. And has been joined for as long as I have known her." Which did span the better part of two decades insofar he could recall.

Tamaska looked towards Peter, and then gave a slight sigh. "At ease, Commander Horn." then she turned her attention towards the T'Kon visitor. "Welcome to the station and I am Commander Holt. We have not been spying into your labs. Please have a seat, would you like some refreshments?"

"It may take some explaining but no, we have not been spying!" Keiben chipped in as he stepped forward. "Captain Haistro, commanding Officer of this space station!"

Not knowing if the T'Kon would understand the customary handshake so instead he spread his hands apart, palms up to show he concealed nothing. "We have a bit of a tale to tell!"

"Captain, I am Bar'syn, Governor of the planet just a short distance from here... We have been in space a good few days and would welcome to respite... If my counterpart from the Military agree's and we would be grateful to hear your story!"

"We will hear it," the Fariq'awal stated not convinced. She eyed the "doctor" suspiciously.

"Please, take a seat" the Captain motioned to the table at which he took the seat at the head of the table. Bar'syn sat next to Keiben, Commander Holt opposite him.

"I would hazard a guess you were alerted to our presence by a large temporal signature or disturbance of some kind?"

Peter pulled back a chair for Alena, gesturing for her to sit, then he stood back, so he could oversee the entire table, until he was directed to sit somewhere specific.

Tamaska gestured towards the seat next to Alena where the two of them would be across the table from the T'kon representatives. "Commander Horn, take a seat, right beside the other diplomatic officer." keeping her tone even.

Turning his head ever so slightly, Peter nodded quietly. "Yes ma'am, as you wish," he answered, equally even before taking a seat after all.

Alena nodded to Commander Horn, and looked from one person to the next. She knew that this meeting would likely be one of the most important things that could take place in her lifetime. From the energy in the room, she judged that this situation would either save them, or get them killed. She steeled herself and waited.

"There was some readings," The Fariq'awal stated giving as little away as possible. For all they knew this was an Iconian trap. She reluctantly took a seat ensuring it afforded her an eye on the doorway.

"Without giving to much away as we need to protect our timeline... We stumbled across a device in our time that has brought us back to this time, several hundred millennia. From the scans of your vessel we have been able to ascertain the device is off the same technology... Our being here is an accident and we need to find a way to return to our own time!" The Captain said without going into details about the Federation, their own time or the fate of the T'Kon.

The Fariq'awal shared a look with the governor. Temporal events gave her a headache. Still though it could still be a clever Iconian trick. I mean if they were from the future why was their technology so primitive?

"I can sense you have reservations... Please do ask any questions you may have and we can attempt to answer them!"
He was being as tentative as the T'Kon were but for entirely different reasons.

Tamaska watched, keeping her thoughts to herself for the moment. She wasn't certain if the T'kon could read her mind and she just wasn't going to let a stray thought cross through. Especially the precarious situation they were in.

Peter kept his feelings guarded as well, as he watched the T'Kon delegation, not at all sure how exactly to approach them as really, he didn't know much at all about them or even of them.

"If you are not Iconian spys. How did you get here?" demanded the Fariq'awal.

"We do not know," Peter answered carefully, "but, perhaps with your assistance or guidance, perhaps we could find out?" It was an opportunity to watch them and would give them the chance to see that they did speak the truth.

Alena looked from one person to the next, trying to gauge their reactions. The Fariq'awal and the Governor didn't look very welcoming to Commander Horn's suggestion. However, she knew that nothing was certain as it was right now. They could choose to help them, or get them all killed if they saw it fit.

"I think Commander Horn has expressed it better than I have... We need your help to return home before any chance of contaminating the timeline can happen".

Keiben kept his expression neutral, not wishing to display weakness infront of the military leader but he was confident in his words.

"As what the Captain has stated, we would like to leave without causing any ripples. Would be devastating if we ended up unknowingly changing even a matter of seconds." Tamaska speaking up.

"You are overlooking the theory that this in itself, assuming to you're telling the truth, could be a paradox that has to happen to ensure your future," the Fariq'awal stated. She really hated time travel and paradoxes. Sometimes she felt that some higher order decided to punish intelligent and technological civilisations with this shit.

"It is not impossible," Peter conceded, "but it it is in our nature to have a desire to return where we belong. And the truth remains that we do not know how we traveled this far back in time. Or even why." He arched a single eyebrow at her. "Perhaps your people brought us here, either on purpose or by complete accident."

"Either which way, if this is a pre-destination paradox the events should unfold as they are intended, if not, then we would like to leave as quickly and quietly as possibly to avoid damaging the timeline". It was obvious that the Fariq'awal, or its common approximation, General, was well versed and far more astute than he had first assumed.

The comm system chirped, interrupting the meeting.
"Lieutenant Han to Captain Haistro. I'm sorry to disturb your meeting Captain but the Cerberus has vanished without a trace. The Cerberus was a half million kilometers from the station and fired into a black void, a few seconds later there was a brilliant flash of white light with a strange neutron radiation reading. When the light faded the Cerberus had vanished, There is no debris of any kind Captain. This occurred less then a minute ago."

"Acknowledged Lieutenant, Commander Holt and I will be there presently. Haistro out". his gaze falling to the Governor and then back to the Fariq'awal. "Would you care to come to Ops... You know this time better than we do. You may be of some help figuring out what happened to our support craft!"



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