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Posted on Fri Nov 19th, 2021 @ 9:01pm by Captain Keiben Haistro & Commander Tamaska Holt & Lieutenant Commander Lillian Carter & Lieutenant Hiro Yoshida & Lieutenant Commander Melanie D’BrooNi & Lieutenant JG Sher'ra Verona & Commander Peter Horn & Lieutenant Junjie Han & Senior Chief Petty Officer Jonathan Stoun & Charlie Brooks & Connor Horn & Ilyas Horn & Admiral David Jackson & Lieutenant Harley Horn-Davis

Mission: Episode 4 - The Fires Of Hades
Location: Promenade
Timeline: Mission Day 4 @ 1300 Hours



The big day had arrived and Keiben had managed to find his dress uniform after a few hours picking his way through his quarters, or what was left of them, on Copernicus. Lieutenants Brell, Sanders, and the New civilian Niska had done a tremendous job of transforming the promenade from a litter-strewn wasteland to something close to what he hoped it would look like. All it was missing now was the rest of the civilian population.

They had hung flower wreaths along with the balustrades, large display bouquets with pastel colors orchid blooms, swaths of pink and white cloth hanging all along the promenade at intervals. They had even managed to replace the carpet underfoot with a nice wine red and grey replacement. It was as close to perfect as they could have made it.

The muscular Betazoid was standing with the Admiral on a small dais that they had put together with an arch with White roses interwoven between the hatchwork. All he could do now is wait for Mel to arrive.

Haistro/D'BrooNi Quarters

"Mum you look so beautiful," Charlie gushed as she and Niska, their new friend, put the finishing touches to the Trill's hair. Identical roses were in her hair as a beautiful headband. Mel's hair flowed long and free in beautiful curls, natural and bohemian matching the dress that they had cobbled together. "I'm so glad we talked you out of getting married in dress uniform. Keiben's going to love this."

The Trill smiled. She hadn't really given it too much thought thinking there wasn't much by way of materials and it wasn't urgent to try to program a Cardassian replicator to make a white dress. Luckily Niska, it seemed, was also quite the clothes maker and had brought some materials. "Paddy? Tay?" she found herself asking.

"Mum they're linked in," Charlie said. "And watching. Even Seleya is with Tay," she squealed. "And look here's Tam now."

Tam walked up to give Melanie a careful embrace not wanting to muss her outfit. Tam herself looked beautiful thanks to Niska. She smiled. "I am so excited for you Mel."

"Thank you. And Tam I think you're going to be next you know. I'm determined when I through this, you're going to catch it. That's the human tradition, right? Whoever gets the bride's flowers is the next down the aisle?" the Trill said seriously.

Tam nodded, blushing. "Yes, that is the tradition."

"Wonderful. Then we just need Peter," she smiled. Hoping he had decided to grant her this favor.

Mocked up in his dress uniform, Peter walked in just as his name was mentioned. "I am here," he announced, then fell silent as he watched the spectacle before him. His eyes got a little misty as he regarded his long-time friend. "You look gorgeous," he offered, "Ian would have loved seeing you like this too." Though not a religious man himself, he did believe that there was something after death. After all, he did believe the Katra was ever-lasting. "I am very certain that he is somehow watching, and will bless this bonding."

Mel nodded. "Me too. I know he's happy for me. Thank you for doing this my friend," she smiled slipping her arm into his. "By the way, your daughters watching with Tay," she grinned. Things seemed to be going well there. Maybe Peter would get to do this again someday soon.

"She adores Tay," Peter answered, offering a genuine smile for possibly the first time in days, "and I would do anything for you Melanie, anything within reason."

"I know my friend. And I would never ask you to do anything for me, not within reason," she said simply. "I'm so glad Harley's back. You seem to be getting back to being whole again Peter," she observed.

"Being whole will take a while," Peter admitted, "but I am in a better place now that my wife is returned to us." He smiled at her. "Shall we?"

"With certainty. Just as you will be whole again," Mel smiled at him.


The gathered crowd was far in excess of what Keiben had anticipated... It made him wonder who was actually in Ops making sure the place didn't fall out of orbit but in the same way, he could also sense the happiness radiating from the crowd. He was no Counsellor but he had a feeling that something like this was just what they all needed.

His eyes were scanning the crowd, taking in the faces when the customary Trill wedding ceremony music started. The crowd parted and moved to their seats or standing positions around the edge and then he caught sight of his wife... elegant, beautiful, and the real reason he had fought as hard as he had, just getting to this point in his life with the women he was in love with.

Mel beamed at Keiben as Peter walked her up towards him. Behind her, Charlie looked just as happy. Behind her intended and to the right was the faces of her firstborn, her brother, and Peters daughter.

Giving them a quick wave as they arrived in front of Keiben, Leiko suddenly said ~The beefcake cleans up nice~ The giggles from all of her hosts almost set her off too but she caught herself and said "hey," instead.

The Admiral cleared his throat "Friends, we are gathered here today to join this man and woman in the bonds of marriage."

Liam had slipped in with Kaylee and smiled at his wife. He pulled her hand up and kissed it as they watched their new CO make this commitment.

Kaylee leaned her head upon her husband's shoulder blissfully happy. "They look very happy," she whispered to him.

"They sense it," Liam agreed.

Melinda leaned into Hiro, while cradling Miri in her lap. Surprisingly the little girl had somehow managed to fall asleep. "All these happy vibes," she whispered to her fiancé, "I wish you could feel them as I do... this is just what the crew needs right now."

Hiro nodded and smiled back at Melinda, noting how beautiful and elegant she looked. "I believe you're right." He tugged on the jacket of his dress uniform. "I see a lot of happy faces."

Junjie rushed in still tugging at the dress uniform and placing the wrapped package onto the gift table before finding an open seat. He felt his spirits lift at the joy and love that his two friends had found in each other and were happy for them, He sat back and listened to the ceremony and was glad he hadn't missed any of it.

Stepping out of the security office, Sher'ra was carrying a barrel of blood wine as she made her way towards the wedding location. While it was true that blood wine was an acquired taste, she was sure there would be some there that wouldn't mind a mug or two, plus she hadn't gotten the lucky couple a proper present so she figured the barrel would be better than nothing.

Jon noted that he was late, he had just come from repairing a power coupling, so he hid in the back of the assemblage on the promenade. He hadn't had time to change into a dress uniform, too many systems still needed attention and he may need to step out at any minute, but he wanted to be there. He leaned against one of the bulkheads as he ignored the constant stream of reports and data coming in on the diagnostic PADD. The area looked nice, the Captain and Doctor looked great. He was amazed they had been able to put that together so quickly.

After delivering Melanie to her future husband, Peter took his seat in the front row, right next to his wife and sons. He noticed Seleya and Melanie's sons as they appeared on the screen and smiled quietly at them.

David cleared his throat. "Today it is my honor to unite Keiben Haistro and Melanie D’BrooNi in marriage. He turned to Melanie. "Melanie, do you accept this man as your husband, to love and cherish above all others until death separates you?"

"I do," Mel said happily.

"Keiben, do you accept this woman as your wife, to love and cherish above all others, until death separates you?"

"I do" the Captain didn't once move his attention from Mel, his feelings of love swelling at the events taking place.

"Who has the rings?" David asked.

"I do," Osil said and fumbled a little with a small yet beautifully decorated cherry brown box. He opened it and presented the two rings which were displayed on a small velvet pillow.

David continued "These rings symbolize your love for each other, and your promise to abide by the vows you've made today. If you would both repeat after me "With with this ring, I thee wed."

Keiben followed the Admirals lead once he had taken the smaller of the two rings in between his thumb and forefinger, repeating after the older man had said the words, his tone warm and filled with emotion. He loved Mel, but he still had a place for his departed wife but he also knew that Natalie would approve. He was finally moving on.

He slipped the ring onto Mel's wedding finger, slowly, gently holding her hand in place.

Mel spoke the same words and gently pushed his ring over his own finger. Smiled at her new husband, it felt like no one else was in the room.

David smiled "By the power invested in me by the United Federation of Planets, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Mel let him gently pull her towards him and happily kissed the man. In her head, her previous hosts were cheering.

Keiben released her from the kiss, having poured his very soul into conveying how she made him feel.
"I love you!"

"Qapla!" Sher'ra called out.

"I love you too," She said simply ignoring Leikos sudden flash of a dalliance with a Klingon years ago.

"Well, I believe that Miss Niska has organized a reception in the bar!"
Keiben spoke to his wife, that would take some getting used to but not in a bad way. "Admiral, thank you!"

David smiled a the happy couple. "You're more than welcome and my blessings on you both."

"The Ferryman has opened and Niska is hosting something of a reception," Keiben said to the Admiral, but loud enough for the gathering to hear also. "It's a free bar!"

Junjie watched as multiple people perked up at the mention of a free bar and grinned. But then his attention was drawn to a group of ladies gathered near the bride and was waiting to see what was happening over there. Is this what he thought it was?

"Wait," Mel said to her new husband. "I have to do the human tradition." She lowered her voice so only he could hear. "Im aiming for Tam."

Mel grinned and turned round tossing the her flowers hopefully in the direction of their friend.

Tam had been wiping some tears of joy that had escaped her. That ceremony was so lovely! She was determined to get the bouquet as it was going to be her turn. As the bouquet flew through the air, Tam leaped up to grab it, not knowing if she'll have to fight for it or not.

"I wonder who got it," Hiro said to Melinda, trying to figure out whose hands the flowers had fallen into.

"Not me," Melinda chuckled, drawing her man closer to her. "I'm already provided for," she added with a grin, before listening for a moment. "I think... Yes... Commander Holt caught it," she provided happily.

Indeed it was Tam that caught the bouquet and she smiled, turning to catch the eye of her love, Junjie Han.

Junjie walked over and looked Tamaska in the eye and smiled. " I guess that means we're next huh? " He took her by the hand and started walking. " Shall we join the others on the dance floor? And did I tell you how incredibly beautiful you look tonight? "

Tam smiled at Junjie, "Yes looks like we will be next, love. And thank you. And you look rather handsome tonight as well. Looking forward to after the party too." stealing a kiss from her love.

Junjie leaned forward and whispered into Tam's ear. " Never in my life have I ever been so sure of anything as knowing that this relationship feels so right and knowing that I've never met anyone who has made me feel the way I do like you have. I have never loved anyone the way I love you, and I know you feel the same. I will cherish and love you forever my love, and if I only have your hand in mine i could die a very happy man. " As he kissed the side of her neck to end his statement.

Keiben led Mel back down the Aisle after the ancient earth tradition had been taken care of and now rice, and confetti showed down on them as they went, another earth tradition. It was a simple day, nothing extravagant but at the same time is was stunningly beautiful in that very same simplicity. He did hate being the center of attention however so the sooner he could get to The Ferryman the better off he would be.

"Let's get you a drink," Mel said squeezing her husband's hand.

"Let's!" he said allowing her to take the lead.

Peter stood and offered his arm to Harley. "Shall we?" he queried, a happy smile on his otherwise impassive face. "Would you like to dance?"

Harley smiled and nodded, "Indeed I would love to dance. Very much so." taking her husband's arm and proceeding out to dance.



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