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Lieutenant Tiandith 'Tia' Tobru

Name Tiandith 'Tia' Tobru

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El Aurian
Age 227

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Copper/Blonde/Light Brown
Eye Color Green


Children Daughter - Major Hycis Tobru (Starfleet Marine Corps)
Father Lukail Tobru (UNKNOWN)
Mother Halohen Tobru (UNKNOWN)
Brother(s) Lancet Tobru (UNKNOWN)
Pe'es Tobru (UNKNOWN)
Icaru Tobru (UNKNOWN)
Sister(s) Quali Tobru (UNKNOWN)
Via Aiol (UNKNOWN)
Other Family Gorala Aiol - Brother in law (UNKNOWN)
Tovan Aiol - Nephew (UNKNOWN)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite what has happened to her over the last 150 years of so Tia still come across as a charismatic, loving and warm person. That is just who she is. Despite the hardship she has had to face over these years she refuses to let anything drag her down in the company of others. On her own she can be the opposite as she begins to lose faith in herself.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Years of experience in both Starfleet and resistance.
+El Aurian ability to get people to talk about themselves.

-Is beginning to lose hope.
-Feels the guilt of past perceived failures such as Starfleet defeats, the betrayal of her cell.
-Has been known to rely on alcohol.
Ambitions To acclimatise to her new universe (she cannot return home).
Get her life back on track.
Find peace.
Hobbies & Interests She enjoys meditating as a way of clearing her mind and channelling her thoughts. She keeps fit by regularly and tries to keep her mind sharp by reading old styled books.

Personal History To say that Tia’s life before waking up in the dirt was wonderful would be a true reflection until her accident. She remembers waking up behind a bar on Corvan IV, a wound on the back of her head and a burnt-out pistol in her hand. She looked in her pockets and found a black badge with the name Tiandith Tobru on the back followed by a bunch of numbers that she did not recognise.

Upon regaining her sense of balance back she found the nearest medical centre and got herself stitched back up. Through scans of her body if was discovered that a small puncture mark to the side of her neck had been made. There were traces of a chemical designed to erase memory, mostly short-term, quick acting but this had gone a little overboard. Her memory was gone up to a point, but she could remember her life before, a hazy recollection of her life on El Auria. She recalled her parents, siblings, and family but in the middle, something had gotten lost.

The year was 2266 and honestly that was enough for her at that time.

She felt confident enough in herself to continue her life without a lot of hassle made about her injury. Yes, she investigated it herself and found nothing. The inhabitants of Corvan IV had told her she had only recently arrived on a medium sized shuttle leased out in her name called the Hildressen, that she was looking for a man named Rad Io Edit for reasons she had not explained and that the night she was attacked she had been in a local bar talking to some locals.

Tia spent another 2 months there trying to piece things together but go no further than finding out he was a member of the Orion Syndicate, possibly a smuggler or arms dealer. Lots of conjecture, no concrete evidence. Tia attempted to contact Starfleet, the badge being the shape of their insignia. They denied any knowledge of such a badge, or institution to which it belonged.

For years after that she moved from place to place, the Hildressen was her home and she made it so. Tia took up jobs here and there, courier types, close protection, and such. Nothing too glamorous.

In 2271 she met a Klingon called Vrell’a. They had a few drinks, some dinner and well… the night was long and the morning even more so. They parted ways quite amicably as she caught him trying to sneak out and she told him not to make so much noise when he did it to the next woman he met before going back to sleep. He grunted and left with a smile on his face, telling her they would see each other again in battles to come.

In 2294 she upgraded from shuttle to a larger ship, enough to legally transport cargo until in 2301 she was approached by a shadowy figure. He told her she was part of a secret organisation within Starfleet and had been presumed dead for many years after an off-book mission and a failed check-in. The black badge was explained, as was her specialised skills in combat and other abilities she could not quite remember learning, or why she would need them.

She happily gave the badge back; it had been gathering dust on her ship for years. The man told her this would not be the last she would hear of this, that once you are in, you are in. However, she did not care and told him in a few certain words to keep his promises to himself.

Tia keeps to herself for several years and buys property on Risa, Betazed and Trill.

In 2311 after the Tomed Incident the Neutral Zone is redefined and this cuts off some of her ability to travel to certain areas of the quadrant.

The year of 2328 sees Tia leave her home on Bajor as the Cardassians exert their presence on the planet. Tia gets a bad feeling about it all and decides to leave the planet before something happens.

In 2331 she makes the decision to join Starfleet and is accepted to the Academy. By the end of her 4 years there she has excelled in many classes and made bonds with classmates.

Her posting is on the USS Wolfsburg as a security officer. During her time on board is involved in skirmishes with Tholians. Most notably when searching for survivors of a downed Tholian craft their comrades show up and blame the Wolfsburg for its fall from grace on Voltare II. A ground skirmish is avoided due to the inhospitable environment, but the ship is fired upon and takes damage. Fortunately, they are placated when Tholian crew are found alive and explain what happened and both ships go their separate ways to avoid any further action.

In 2342 she is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade on board the Wolfsburg.

In 2345 she transfers to the USS Essex and takes up the role of Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer. Later in 2347 she is promoted to full Lieutenant and moved into Chief role. The Essex is given patrolling role and to root out the piracy element in their region of space. Through investigative work, long hours and the occasional late-night beverage, Tia alongside her team manage to pinpoint their forward operating base and shut them down. The Essex fought valiantly, as did the ground personnel once they had broken through their shields. The Battle of Briagh was long, hard and bloody. They dug in, had more personnel that was anticipated but, in the end, they eventually surrendered. During the fight Tia could be seen leading from the front, putting her life on the line to drag injured crew back to safety earning commendations and praise. Personally, Tia was just happy to have been there for her team.

In 2352 she moved on to the Starbase 23 and took up position as its Chief Security/Tactical Officer and a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. During her time there she repelled a raid by rogue Klingon warriors from the House of Duras as they attempted to take over the station. Tia has a scar on her upper chest from a Bat’Leth that was used in close combat. Receives purple heart and a letter of recognition in her file. Klingons come to respect her through her use of force and brutality in fending off their warriors.

It is on Starbase 23 she meets and falls in love with Dominic Sissoko, they are together for many years before he is killed in mysterious circumstances. Through investigation he was murdered by a Romulan with diplomatic immunity and Tia see’s red. She is put in the brig for insubordination and causing a scene with said diplomat, but no formal action is taken.

Shortly after she is approached by a man in black clothing wearing a new updated version of the black badge, she found on her person nearly 100 years ago. It is then he explains about Section 31, their mandate and that she was a member of this group before Corvan IV. Tia demands an explanation as to why she was denied this information before. His reply, she was expendable and telling her would reveal their existence to a wider audience that they did not want.

She is accepted back into the fold of Section 31 and promoted to Commander.

Tia is tasked with gathering information on the Romulans and goes undercover to Romulus. Does this for several years under the guise of Devol R’Lena, an intelligence operative within the Tal Shiar. In 2366 she reports her final findings and decides that she will leave Section 31 and return to fleet duties as Borg threat looms.

Promoted to Captain and given command of USS Sitting Bull and ordered with 39 other vessels to stop the encroaching Borg cube with the captured Captain Picard on board. They are slaughtered, her ship crippled as it protected another’s escape pods. The Sitting Bull itself is evacuated and Tia remains on board until her own people are safe before launching her own pod and watching as the constitution class was no more.

Tia and her crew are given leave and commendations for their efforts in the battle that led to the cube’s destruction.

Tia is given command of a nebula class USS Trailblazer in 2367.

Over course of years completes many first contacts, engages with missions given. In 2372 engages in skirmishes with Klingon forces as they withdraw from the Khitomer Accords. Soon after the Dominion War begins.

Tia is promoted to Commodore and given command of the Sovereign class USS Cavalry in late 2372. She is Taskforce CO and is given orders to keep the Dominion at bay as they push forward into Federations space.

In mid-2374 is part of Operation Reservoir. This is the fall-back fleet for if Operation Return should fail. They sit close to the edges of the Bajoran sector and watch their fleet being decimated one by one. Tia had to fight the strongest urge to not go in there and bolster the lines, but she knew looking at what was happening that they would only become cannon fodder.

Tia watches as Captain Sisko enters the wormhole and disappears, unofficially KIA and some label him a deserter as the Dominion reinforcements come through and rip through Starfleet lines. Hundreds of ships are lost, so many thousands of lives and all ranking officers seem to be dead or unable to communicate. Tia orders the retreat from their standing position, much to the dissent of her crew but she knew emotions were going to be high.

A small group of Dominion ships enter their system as ships begin to warp out. The Cavalry remains behind to ensure their safe departure. Takes minor damage and retreats into Federation space.

Tia is promoted to Admiral and given role of protecting Vulcan with the Third and Eighth fleets. They hold out as long as they can and eventually fall after two weeks of fighting. However, hold out just long enough to send keep a whole punched in the Dominion lines to send refugees and culturally significant items. For this the Romulans aid the Vulcans with cloaking technology for safety and mission success.

Minimal forces retreat to Earth.

The Cavalry, the Enterprise and all remaining Starfleet vessel hold off Dominion but at the expense of many. The Enterprise-E is lost and with it hope.

Tia tries to get word to her own peoples world of Kaitos but communications are jammed and she cannot.

In second wave the severely damaged Cavalry is destroyed but not before the crew evacuates to Earth for safety. Many weeks pass on the ground before the Dominion declare total victory and the UFP unconditionally surrenders.

Tia goes underground with several Starfleet officers and what remains of ranking staff.

Years pass and living under the yolk of the Dominion takes its toll on many. The resistance they had put together falls apart and people disappear into the woodwork. Tia remains on Earth but hidden in plain sight as she sows the seeds of dissent against the Dominion. She forms a resistance cell and continues to be a thorn in their side with coordinated attacks, hit and runs etc.

Tia becomes known as The Listener to the Dominion as she hijacks feeds and uses the name her people were given as a beacon of hope to those that would listen to their cause.

In 2384 is part of the group that bomb Utopia Planetia. This draws more people to their cause and the resistance grows.

Tia and her resistance group steal Dominion transporter tech making it easier for them to beam in and out of places and adding great distance to their range. They manage to get on to the now abandoned moon and set up a base underground.

In 2390, upon the announcement of the first Tithe, set events in motion that lead to the attacks on Vorta and Dominion placements on Earth.

Over the next few years come into possession of holo-vids of Tithe victims and find ways of showing how they are treated and

In 2398 her resistance cell is found and attacked. A traitor by the name of Bovali betrayed them to the Dominion for the promise of a life of luxury and power. Tia managed to escape but most of her friends did not. Escaping the system in a battered and run-down shuttlecraft she limped across space looking to start again and find a way of getting at Bovali for the death of everyone.

It was soon after when running through a desolately seeming system she got a ping from a nearby moon. A power source, a strong one.

Upon her investigation of the readings she found an artefact of unknown origin. When scanning the artefact is lit up and she found herself elsewhere, somewhere she did not quite recognise. She would have to find a way to acclimatise to her new place in the universe.
Service Record ~Prime Timeline~

2331 -> 2335 - Starfleet Academy, majoring in Security/Tactical and graduating in the upper echelon of her class.
2335 -> 2342 - Security Officer (Ensign), USS Wolfsburg.
2342 -> 2345 - Security Officer (Lt. JG), USS Wolfsburg.
2345 -> 2347 - Assistant Security/Tactical Chief (Lt. JG), USS Essex.
2347 -> 2352 - Assistant Security/Tactical Chief (Lieutenant), USS Essex.
2352 -> 2357 - Chief Security/Tactical Officer (Lt. Commander), Starbase 23.
2357 -> 2366 - Section 31 (Commander), Various locations.
2366 -> 2367 - Commanding Officer (Captain), USS Sitting Bull.

Prime Tia dies in command of the Sitting Bull defending the retreat of her crew and others at Battle of Wolf 359.

~Alternate Timeline~

*Note: Tia survives Battle of Wolf 359 and escapes destruction of USS Sitting Bull and career continues.*

2367 -> 2372 - Commanding Officer (Captain), USS Trailblazer.
2372 -> 2374 - Taskforce CO/Commanding Officer (Commodore), USS Cavalry. Later promotion to Admiral.
2374 -> 2375 - Vulcan Defence Fleet, then Earth Defence Fleet. Commanding Officer (Admiral), USS Cavalry.
2375 - Earth and the UFP unconditionally surrender upon destruction of Starfleet/Federation Defence Fleet and destruction of Cavalry.

2375 -> Starfleet/Federation falls and Dominion rule.

~Prime Timeline~

*Note: Alternate timeline Tia finds artefact in 2398 and is moved into Prime Universe. Due to her prime self being killed there are no ill effects to this apart from the last 20 or so years not happening the way she experienced them.*

2397 -> PRES - Deep Space 21