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Lieutenant Kaylee Serra-Reynolds

Name Kaylee Opal Serra-Reynolds

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species ¾ Human ¼ Betazed
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 150#
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Medium length natural blonde hair with some shades of brown. The silken tresses have a natural wave, with a slight curl at the ends. Kaylee is tall, her body is fit and trim, with almost subtle curves. Her eyes are a soft mist grey with a hint of blue. Her skin is slightly tanned in color due to the time she spends outdoors. When Kaylee smiles, dimples show up in her cheeks. Kaylee has a natural grace when she moves, probably due to the dancing her mother insisted on her learning.

When on duty, Kaylee looks immaculate, no spots on her uniform. Her hair would be pulled back in a simple ponytail or braid. If Kaylee wants to keep her hair off her neck she’d pull it back in a simple chignon.When off duty, she would wear cargo pants, she loves pockets. Or capris ( pockets a must) She favors tee shirts with vee necks and also long sleeve tee shirts. She finds them comfortable. She also would put her hair into two braids depending on how she felt. If she wears jewelry it would be a simple necklace and maybe clip on earrings. And maybe a ring, she doesn’t wear much in the way of jewelry, rings on rare occasions. And also wears bracelets from time to time when off duty.

If Kaylee really wants to dress up she’d pull her hair back in the simple chignon, add a couple of flowers or even a jeweled clip in her hair. Maybe add some minor makeup to draw attention to her eyes, perhaps a dab of perfume and colored chapstick or gloss. ( she really doesn’t like lipstick, it can be quite messy.)


Spouse Liam Reynolds
Father Richard Serra
Mother Narrea Abasin ( of the Ninth House)
Brother(s) 1. Caleb (37)
2. Gabriel (35)
3. Joseph ( 33
Other Family Aunts on the Betazed side, Aiarena, Selena, Polymnia

Uncles: Andra and Oaren

Maternal Grandparents:
Grandmother: Hiali (betazed)
Grandfather Abner (human) ( deceased)

Grandmother is of the Ninth House

Paternal relatives


Grandfather Alonso
Grandmother Grazia

Aunts:1. Allessia, 2. Mirella 3.Rosetta

Uncles: 1. Antonio 2. Matteo 3.Lucien

Various cousins.

Personality & Traits

General Overview A fairly warm outgoing congenial woman, Kaylee has an almost diplomatic air about her. She likes to be around people, and has a way to make them feel comfortable. There have been times when her refined training peeks out, in the way she holds a cup or eats and dabs her lips. She gets teased about her manners at times, her eyes going a bit stormy if Kaylee feels they are considering her a prissy girl. She has tried to get rid of her tendency to have an organized room, purposely leaving a dirty shirt on the floor or pants, but..then she just can’t stand seeing it. Especially since she once tripped over her own piece of clothing and fell. That experiment, she was loath to repeat. Didn’t appreciate the bump on her head, the price she paid for trying to be a slob.

When outdoors, Kaylee doesn’t care if she gets dirt on her clothing, when outdoors you expect to be dirty. Can’t really expect to stay neat and tidy, would be too stressful to even try. Besides what’s wrong with a little bit of dirt. Loves to be active.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Fairly easy going
+Not afraid to take chances when it is needed.
+One who isn’t afraid of work.

- Currently, fearful of being on the bridge of a ship.
-Doesn't like being thought of as a prissy girl. Still bugs her. Even though she tries not to let
-Has a minor obsession of being prepared knowing the best escape routes in case of an emergency. And also putting emergency stashes and where to acquire them. ( could also be considered a strength as well)
-Does have some nightmares that creep up about what happened on the USS Europa.
Ambitions The main one is to get over her fear of being on a ship’s bridge or at the very least figure out good coping mechanisms for the fear.
Someday have a family.
She has found the love of her life. Liam Reynolds
Hobbies & Interests Sports, swimming, things that have to do with being outside. Horseback riding. She has started to work on her crocheting once more as well as her piano playing. Singing maybe as well. And dancing. Martial arts

Languages: French, Italian, Spanish. Some Klingon and Vulcan. She’s interested in learning more languages.

Personal History Baby of the family
Father is from Corciano, Italy
Mother from Betazed, belongs to the Ninth House


Born in Cociano, lived on a family farm, which has been in the family for centuries. The farm produces wine, olive oil as well as hay. Ahh the simple country life, with a family that is very much into family gatherings and the like. Her father and mother met while he was serving on Betazed, in security, and she was attending the University Of Betazed. They got to know each other, realized that they were in love and got married. Both sides of the family were rather pleased for this union. The two older brothers Caleb and Gabriel were born on Betazed, while their mother Narrea was attending college. Kaylee’s mother had graduated from the University of Betazed, and then proceeded to set her sights on attending StarFleet Academy. She wanted to be part of the diplomatic services. Two of Kaylee’s aunts decided to come along to help out with the children while Narrea attended school, so a residence was set up for them. She became pregnant with her third child, halfway through her schooling in the academy. She managed to finish school and had her third baby. Later on, it was decided to move the family to where Kaylee’s father was from, both parents wanting to give their kids a chance at a place where they could grow up and have a childhood. They were welcomed with open arms, Richard’s family desiring a chance to get to know the children. Narrea’s sisters went back to Betazed, with a promise they would be back once more to visit Serra family farm.

Kaylee’s father still worked with StarFleet, her mother was enjoying being away from the business of StarFleet and raising her kids. Kaylee’s father had the option of being able to go home in the evening. Which he did in order to be home with the family. Narrea found she was pregnant with the fourth child and was delighted to find out she was going to have a girl. At long last, a girl whom she had been praying to the goddesses to have. Narrea loved her sons very much, didn’t complain about having them she valued them, but still, mothers at times like having daughters to carry on tradition, to dress up in pretty clothing. It was a joyous occasion when it was time for Kaylee to be born. Family gathered, prayers were said, grandparents from Betazed came to Earth as well.

At first the brothers were jealous at how much attention the new baby was getting, then it faded away, as she had grabbed the fingers of her brothers as they came to meet her. They realized they loved their little sister. Ooh and aaahed over her tiny toes, fingers and nose. And the blonde curls on her head.

Time went by, Kaylee grew, her mother still enjoying being able to dress her baby girl in pretty clothing. They took a trip to visit Betazed, so that Kaylee and her brothers could get to know and get reacquainted with their betazed relatives and get to know more about their customs. They were there for six months enjoying seeing their mother’s birth place. Kaylee was six at that time. She enjoyed the attention she was getting from her relatives on Betazed.

Her mother was worried that Kaylee was going to be spoiled, but soon realized she needn’t worry about that. The little girl had perfect manners, which delighted her older relatives. After all, Kaylee’s mother started teaching her manners when she was just two years old. Kaylee’s mother was very proud that her little girl remembered the lessons she was taught even up top serving tea properly as well as delicacies that are served during tea time. Kaylee adored her mother very much, and wanted to do what she could to make her mama happy. Nerrae had dreams of her daughter becoming a diplomat or even a counselor. Or even both. She felt that Kaylee had a bright future in store for her in that regard. Nerrae would speak about that often, to her daughter.

Then 2373 arrived and the beginning of the Dominion War caused things to be unsettled throughout the different quadrants. Kaylee was 7 and she picked up people’s worry, them trying to hide what was going on, wanting to spare her from the stress and violence. It didn’t work, They had to let her know what was happening. Her daddy had to go out and help in this war, he couldn’t stay at home and be safe. One year later, the Dominion invaded her mama’s home planet. Kaylee was worried, for there wasn’t any word as to whether her relatives were safe. Were they alive? It was even more unsettling, her mother tried to keep her mind as well as her brothers minds off of what was going on, making sure they were being involved in work on the family land.

For Kaylee it was more lessons on languages, etiquette, how to dress, how to sit, how to pour tea. Which utensils she needed to use. Meditative exercises, and trances. Her brothers had to go through that as well, but not the amount she had to endure. There were piano lessons, dance lessons, singing lessons, even elocution lessons. Morning calisthenics, which Kaylee loved. Her mother was determined that she would be ready to become a diplomat. Or even be a wife of a dignitary. Kaylee tolerated it as she realized that her mother, even though her mother seemed rather obsessed with her training, it was taking her mind off of what was happening. Sewing lessons were added along with embroidery, knitting and crocheting. ( she wasn’t really good at knitting, and did okay with crocheting, embroidery is still debatable .) It even included drawing ( not a strong suit either but she showed promise) and painting ( not a master at it, she’d prefer to paint the outside of a home.). She loved it when they were able to do horse riding lessons.

2375 the Breen attacked, their target was San Francisco, where the Federation was headquartered. It sent more ripples throughout the quadrants and was starting to cause Kaylee to become restless. She just couldn’t see the sense of learning what her mother was teaching her. Kaylee was getting restless, she wanted to do something more. She still was the obedient daughter, though, endeavoring to help her mother get through the crisis that was at hand. When Betazed was finally free from their invaders there was great rejoicing intermixed with sadness at the loss of lives there.

2376 next year, at its beginning, Kaylee’s father came home.Worn out, suffering from battle fatigue. Mid year the family did go to Betazed to reunite with the relatives that had survived the invasion. It was terrifying to see the devastation, and feel the sadness that permeated the very air. It was determined that some of her relatives were going to move to Earth to the family property in Italy. To heal and to establish a different residence, to be near family.

Two years later, Kaylee couldn’t take it anymore. She turned twelve years old, and she wanted more out of life! She didn’t want to be a counselor, nor a diplomat. And she let her mother know in no uncertain terms. “I don’t want to be a counselor nor a diplomat nor a dignitaries wife. I want to be in security when I get older!”

“You can’t just throw away all the skills you’ve been taught! It has been your dream!” her mother responded.

“No, it hasn’t been my dream, it has been your dream. I can’t take it anymore. I want to go outside, stick my bare feet in the mud, maybe even roll around in it. I want to climb trees, and wear pants, not skirts or dresses all the time. I want to learn skills to protect myself, to protect others. I haven’t any skills of that nature, I don’t want to wear makeup all the time nor wear polish on my nails. I do value all that you have taught me as it may come in handy later on in the future, but it is time for me to follow my dreams. Please mother, can’t you feel my frustrations, my wanting to scream. I need to be more active! I don’t want to have any more tutors, I want to be in an actual school. To be around others a bit more. To not hear others whisper behind my back of being a prissy girl.” her eyes filled with tears, remembering those words, which did sting, but she kept quiet acting as if those whispers didn’t bother her.

“I.. I didn’t know, I am sorry. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I did try mother and it fell on deaf ears. You were a bit closed off and I couldn’t reach you.” Kaylee fought back her tears.

“Oh darling, I am so sorry.” Narrea answered, embracing her daughter. “I was so worried about your father. .and..”

Kaylee stopped her there. “Mama, it's okay. I know what you were going through and you were missing your Imazadi. As well as being so worried about other things. I do understand.”

“Are you certain you don’t want to be a counselor or a diplomat?” her mother asked half serious and half joking. “You just handled things rather well.”

Kaylee laughed. “No, I still want to go into security. I feel it is my calling.”

“Then it shall be as you wish.” Narrea replied. “Besides a couple of your brothers have been asking advice on how to become a counselor and a diplomat. And Joseph wishes to work the land and keep things running here.”

Kaylee nodded, feeling that a weight had been lifted.

Six years passed, Kaylee learned skills from her father, as well as her mother, for her empathic talent came into being, with some telepathic ability, Kaylee was tutored by her mother and her aunts. Kaylee also enjoyed school, she participated in athletics, swimming, martial arts. Still rides horseback, goes backpacking and definitely climbs trees. Loved to read as well. It came time to join StarFleet and she did after she graduated from school.

She loved life at the Academy, honed her skills, studied very hard, joined an athletic team, softball as well as the swim team.

Her cadet cruise was on the USS Nighthawk, with Captain Elijah Rutherford as the CO. She also met a young woman by the name of Lily Marlow, who was wanting to become a CMO on a ship. Kaylee made it through her cadet cruise and was raised to the rank of ensign. Then off to start her service in StarFleet. Part of the security team on a starbase exploration command for three years. Then found herself on a ship as part of the Terraforming Command Ship named Gaia. She was made assistant Chief of Security. She was there for two years and served honorably. A chance was presented to her to become Chief of Security on the USS Europa where she served there for Two years. Until its destruction used in destroying an ancient war machine, a Planet Killer. She was transferred to the USS L.Burton, as chief of security, where she was only able to serve there for three months. Kaylee found that she couldn’t function on the ship, in a bridge position. She requested a transfer off the ship and be placed as security on a starbase.

Recent update, After Kaylee arrived at the station she met Liam Reynolds and it had been discovered they knew each other when she was 10 years old. They realized that they had made a connection that day, when he kissed her on the cheek on a dare of his brother and her brothers. Now they are married having eloped to just to have the time to themselves.
Service Record StarFleet Academy
Cadet Cruise USS Nighthawk
Served three years on a starbase, Exploration Command Security
2 years Terraforming command Assistant Chief of Security
1 year departmental head school
2 years on the USS Europa as Chief of security
Transferred to USS LBurton was there for only three months
Transferred to Poseidon Station for hopefully a second chance and maybe get her out of her anxiety of being on a ship.