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Lieutenant JG Melinda Sommers

Name Melinda Sommers

Position Biologist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 170cm
Weight 65kg
Hair Color Mousey Brown with a blue band on one side and a red band on the other side. Undyed
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Tall for a woman, slim figure and suntanned due to spending a lot of time outside. Her hands are a little calloused because she spends the majoraty of her free time outside, getting her hands dirty in one garden or another.

Though Betazoid, she has an uncanny resemblance to her older, adopted Romulan brother Lhaes

Due to an infection with a Rowa'ni virus, Melinda retained two bands of colours in her hair: blueberry-blue on the right, and rose-red on the left. The bands are approximately three centimeters wide. She has no scent and no other Rowa'ni traits after being cured.


Spouse Hiro Yoshida (boyfriend), Matthew Plumeri (ex-husband)
Children Son: Rowan is born in 2392, after a pregnancy of approximately 24 weeks. He is Half Betazoid, Half Human with a small amount of Rowa'ni DNA. As a result, he has bright blueberry blue hair and is born telepathic. He has no other Rowa'ni traits. His eyes are bright blue and will remain that way.

Daughter: MĂșireann (Miri), born on the USS Nogura in early 2396
Father Ian Sommers
Mother Kestra Sommers
Brother(s) Lhaes tr'Lhweiir Sommers (Romulan, 6 years older)
Alonzo Callisto Sommers (Betazoid, 9 years younger)

Both brothers are adopted
Other Family Two nieces and one nephew (children of her brother Lhaes)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Melinda is the only biological child of Ian and Kestra Sommers, and the only daughter in the family.

She loves being outside, and actually hates being cooped up inside for a prolonged period of time. She gets stircrazy if she can't at least visit an arboretum on a starship (or starbase) once a day.
Strengths & Weaknesses + telepath
+ friendly
+ openminded

- not an indoor person
- impatient
- impulsive
Ambitions Learn as much as she can about as many plants as possible.
Hobbies & Interests Botany, cultivating and tending to plants. Take care of farm animals. Together with her brother Lhaes, breeds goats.

Personal History Melinda is the only daughter of Ian and Kestra Sommers, and their only biological child. Shortly after she was born, her parents adopted a 6 year old Romulan boy, whose parents were assassinated only weeks before.

They grew up together as brother and sister and Melinda loves her brother dearly. Of course, she loves to make fun of him and tease him to no end too.

While originally a civillian botanist, Melinda has spent sufficient time at Starfleet academy to now be considered a senior cadet about to graduate.

She spends a lot of time in the ship's arboretum, cultivating plants and assisting various crewmembers with herbal treatments and teas. While living with her Rowa'ni roommate -and girlfriend/lover- Isess, Melinda has gradually stopped eating meat and actually preferring a vegetarian lifestile now.

Contrary to what others might believe, especially given the general Rowa'ni reputation, Melinda is genuinely in love with her roommate even though she does have her dream of finding a man and start a family.

While on shoreleave on Trill in 2390, she hooked up with ship's diplomatic officer Adam Wilcox and found him to be her true love. They connected on such a telepathic level, it was as if they had known each other since forever. Unfortunately, Adam was killed during the same shoreleave, a mere two days after the two bonded. At this time, Melinda was a captive of the Rowa'ni faction 'Black Orchid', a group aiming to found a new planet and turning all life into Rowa'ni by weaponizing the virus that created them in the first place. Melinda was deemed instrumental in this, because she had rediscovered, and managed to isolate the dormant virus.

During her captivity, Melinda discovered she's approximately 16 weeks pregnant with a boy.

In august 2392, Melinda gave birth prematurely to a healthy baby boy she named Rowan. She has requested Matthew Plumeri to fulfil the father figure role and much to her gratitude and delight, he accepted.

Early 2393, Melinda married Matthew Plumeri in a small and lovely botanical wedding.

After the bombing of SB80, the couple was reassigned to the USS Vesta however Melinda couldn't pass up the offer of becoming a full time botanist on a starship, not feeling ready at all to lead her own department on the Camelot. With her husband being offered chief of science on the Apollo, the couple decided to split and take the offered assignment. They speak over subspace as often as they can, especially with Melinda being pregnant with their first child together.

Months passed after Melinda transferred to the Nogura, and after having heard next to nothing from her husband during most of her pregnancy, all calls going unanswered, Melinda filed for divorce. She decided that her children would be better off without father, than having a distant father who wouldn't bother calling even once in a while. His absence hit especially hard when she gave birth to their daughter MĂșireann, and he didn't even answer the news about her birth.

While serving on the Nogura, and later Starbase Poseidon, she got together with the station's chief of operations Hiro Yoshida. After several months of being in a relationship they moved in together and Melinda is very grateful to Hiro for being such a wonderful father to her children.

After several dangerous outages on the station, as well as what seemed like an attack, Melinda felt the station was no longer a safe place to raise her children. So she put in a transfer to a small science vessel instead.

Medical notes:
Was infected with a virulent virus dubbed "the Rowa'ni virus" while pregnant with Rowan. She was slowly turning into one of the Rowa'ni species, but fortunately was cured before the effects became irreversible. She still has one band of blue and one band of red left in her hair, an irreversible effect of the infection. The two bands are mildly fragrant but offer no side effects.
Service Record Civillian botanist
Attends classes at starfleet academy to expand her knowledge and graduate as a starfleet officer.

2392 - Graduates Starfleet Academy, promoted to ensign
2395 - Reassigned to USS Camelot, chief botanist
2395 - Reassigned to USS Nogura, Botanist
2396 - Reassigned to Starbase Poseidon, Botanist
2397 - Transferred to USS Copernicus, Biologist