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Lieutenant JG Lyras

Name Lyras

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan/Vulcan
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 182cm
Weight 74kg
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Lyras is of average height and built for a Vulcan, except that his hair is lighter than one might expect and his eyes are blue.

He professes Vulcan strength and mental ability, including mind meld and empathic skill.


Father Unknown
Mother Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lyras is an only child who was raised by just his mother. He has no idea who or where his father is.

His Vulcan name is lesh zherka hasu which means "being who carries emotion"

Strengths & Weaknesses Lyras's main strength is that he's able to identify with his patient's feelings and emotions. While generally cool and distant, being as is expected of him as a Vulcan, he's able to offer a smile and a hug where they are needed.

His main weakness is not knowing where exactly he comes from. He doesn't know who his clan is as his mother refused to elaborate. He also sees his ability to understand emotion as a weakness as it made him an outsider all his life.

Lyras has a very strong aversion to using phasers, and almost flat-out refuses to use or even wear one. Instead he uses a K-bar knife, for which he is fully qualified. He uses this to defend himself as necessary but also finds it useful for other survival purposes.
Ambitions Lyras has no ambition other than to be a good doctor.
Hobbies & Interests Though his main interest is medicine, Lyras enjoys spending time outside. Contrary to most vulcans, he actually does know how to swim and enjoys being in the water.

Personal History Born in 2218 on the outskirts of Kir'shara, Lyras grew up knowing only his mother and some of her family members. His mother always told him how his father was space faring and had left before she could tell him she was with child. She never told him the truth: his father was a Romulan defector with whom she had a brief affair before he moved on.

A happy child, Lyras always had some trouble containing his emotional outbursts and often engaged in fights with peers in order to defend his own honour and that of his mother. Though Vulcans are quick to profess emotionless and acceptance of others, Lyras soon learned otherwise. As an outsider he had to fend for himself, though he quickly proved to be quite an intelligent child with a keen interest for healing.

Even after a fight, he would stay to offer assistance and this attitude earned him a place at the Vulcan Science Academy. Not wanting to stay in a place which shunned him however, Lyras applied for Starfleet Medical.

Soon after his graduation from the academy, Lyras found himself assigned to the USS Ishimura as medical officer. After a year he had proven himself to be competent enough to take up the role as senior medical officer, serving directly under the ship's chief medical officer.

Along with several others of the crew he was trapped in the transporter when the Cloud Creature attacked the ship and sent it adrift. In 2395, he was rescued by the crew of the SS Mary Rose, where he spent several weeks in a coma.

Eventually, after the departure of Doctor Lhaes Sommers, he would take up the reigns as the ship's most senior doctor, the civilian equivalent of Chief Medical Officer.

However, realizing soon that his medical knowledge was falling short, he decided to head to Starfleet academy for a few months to brush up on his skills and revalidate his license. When he was done he was granted the rank of ensign, as this had been the rank he held when he disappeared with the Ishimura. It was then he decided he should repay his debt by serving Starfleet rather than return to the civilian vessel.

Not long after his arrival on the USS Nogura, he was told that he isn't a pureblood Vulcan. This news has turned his life upside down as it made him revisit his feelings regarding hybrids. All his life, he'd been told hybrids were inferior to pureblood Vulcans.

He has been working very hard to give this new information a place, and keep studying to increase his knowledge of the current alpha quadrant species. Finding life on Starbase Poseidon difficult to settle into, Lyras requested a transfer to a different position, and is now transferring to the USS Copernicus in the hopes of increasing his medical knowledge while serving on a deep space vessel. Unknown to him however, he would arrive yet again on a space station, as the Copernicus was unable to receive him.
Service Record 2244 - Medical Officer - USS Ishimura
2245 - Senior Medical Officer - USS Ishimura
2395 - Ship's Doctor (CMO) - SS Mary Rose
2395 - Spent several months at Starfleet Academy to revalidate license to practice
2395 - Assigned to USS Nogura - medical officer
2396 - Reassigned to Starbase Poseidon - Medical Officer
2397 - Transferred to USS Copernicus - Medical Officer