Ensign Brodie Bain

Name Brodie Bain

Position Security Officer

Rank Ensign


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Thu Apr 8th, 2021 @ 11:37am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Scottish
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 3in/1.905m
Weight 235lbs/106.6kg
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Solid and muscular. Body builder and played on the rugby team for three years. Hair short cut and professional. Solid almost square jaw line


Spouse N/A
Father Patrick Bain ( Lt. Col Federation Marines )
Mother Patricia Bain ( Historian )
Brother(s) Paden Bain Age 19. In the academy training toi become a federation Marine.
Aiden Bain age 15. Freshman is High School.
Camden Bain Age 12. Student
Sister(s) Bella Bain Age 17. Will be attending the University in Glasgow in the fall.

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses + Hard working, Loyal to his friends and ship, Easy going demeanor, Loves a good laugh.

- Likes to Brawl, Can be short tempered, Has a vindictive streak when wronged, Has a distain for synthohol, Prefers the " Real Stuff "
Ambitions To be the best he can be and move up in the ranks.
Hobbies & Interests Has a black belt in Aikido style martial arts. Hiking and wilderness camping. Swimming. Plays the bagpipes

Personal History Grew up in Glasgow in a normal starfleet home. Plays the bagpipes in the hills around his home. AKA= Piper
Service Record Straight out of the Academy and first assignment is aboard the Copernicus.